Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Award Category

Covid-19 Essential Services

When the world stopped, they ensured that nothing should change for you at home. They put themselves on risk so that you can carry on with your daily lives within your home. From grocery items to collecting garbage from your door step, they were always there. This award is a recognition for these unsung warriors.

Covid-19 Healthcare Services

With the number of cases increasing rapidly, healthcare providers are vigilant and working 24*7 to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them have been infected. So many of them even succumbed to the disease while saving the lives of others. But, they are not considering their own health risks and have been attending to Coronavirus patients.

Covid-19 Social Services

The pandemic is not just about the virus itself. More cases of hunger, loneliness, homelessness, mental health crisis, domestic abuse were reported across India during the lockdown. At such a time, there are people around the country rising to lead community work, bring support and service the people selflessly in different ways they can. They are our true Corona Warriors.

Covid-19 FMCG & Consumer Durables

In this lockdown period, FMCG companies have had to swiftly respond to unprecedented challenges. They had to continue manufacturing and selling essential products. They are doing so with innovative strategies to maintain supply chains and ensure consumers can access their products.

Covid-19 Transport & Logistics

Movement of essential services and goods during this nationwide lockdown was possible because of them. They are working closely with the different government and non-government agencies supporting the logistics activities.

Covid-19 Pharmaceuticals

While no specific medicine or vaccine is still available, desperate attempts are being made by pharmaceutical companies to save millions of patients lives.

Covid-19 Diagnostics

They are spearheading the coronavirus diagnosis efforts. They are carrying out COVID-19 tests based on the ICMR protocols. They are the first in the healthcare services to confront, delay and stop the spread of the virus.

Covid-19 Awareness

They are spreading awareness on safety tips, basic hand hygiene practice and myth busting around coronavirus. They are also ensuring that citizens adhere to the lockdown rules and maintain social distancing.

Covid-19 Health Insurance

They are activating emergency plans to ensure that people have access to the prevention, testing, and treatment needed to handle the current situation. Many of them have come out with innovative plans.

Covid-19 Technology Driver Invention

Innovators across India have responded quickly to the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. A host of new innovations, some emerging from start-ups that have been incubated by universities, have come out with cheap and effective tech-driven solutions to fight the pandemic.

Covid-19 Survivor

They not only survived the deadliest disease, but they also shared their tales as a Covid-19 patient, the period of isolation and the life after. There was so much panic around. Their stories gave people the much needed hope.

Covid-19 Healing Angels

Some of them cared for elderly. Some provided foods to needy. Each one according to his or her capacity is trying to make life easy for many people during the pandemic.

Covid-19 Primary Healthcare

Covid-19 once again proved that Primary health care (PHC) can meet most of people’s health needs at every age and every stage of life. They must be central to all future healthcare plan and policy. They will remain the most important centre to reduce the current pandemic in the weeks and months to come.

Covid-19 Preventive Healthcare

Preventative healthcare, or preventive care, accounts for measures that are adopted for disease prevention rather than disease treatment. Some of them are raising awareness about healthy lifestyles and strong immunity. Some of them are highlighting the importance of infection control measures.