Manipal Hospitals Launches Teleconsultation Service to Support Transgender Health

Specialists from the hospital help the transgender community safely voice their health concerns without fear of judgement

Manipal Hospitals Launches Teleconsultation Service to Support Transgender Health
Manipal Hospitals Launches Teleconsultation Service to Support Transgender Health

Empowering Transgender Health: Manipal Hospitals’ Teleconsultation Service

In a significant step toward addressing the unique healthcare challenges faced by transgender individuals, Manipal Hospitals is proud to announce the launch of a teleconsultation service on the occasion of Transgender Day of Visibility, celebrated on March 31st.

Breaking Barriers for Transgender Health

Gender discrimination and a lack of understanding have often created barriers to healthcare for transgender people. Many have faced rejections and insensitivity from medical providers due to their gender identity and choices. However, Manipal Hospitals has been a pioneer in offering exclusive services for the transgender community, aiming to bridge the gap between transgender individuals and medical practitioners without bias or discrimination.

Supporting Transgender Health Without Judgement

Mr. Karthik Rajagopal, COO of Manipal Hospitals, expressed the institution’s understanding of the unique challenges faced by transgender individuals. Manipal Hospitals aims to make accessing medical support easier, encouraging every member of the transgender community to openly share their health needs. This initiative seeks to clear the medical roadblocks for transgender individuals, providing timely and cost-effective medical care.

Transgender Voices Heard

On this special day, Manipal Hospitals warmly welcomes transgender individuals to voice their health concerns. Already, the initiative has garnered significant interest, with 60 members lining up for teleconsultation services, including renowned transgender activists like Akkai Padmashali, who was the first transgender person in Karnataka to register their marriage. Several other prominent transgender activists will also participate in the teleconsultation program.

Accessible Teleconsultation Services

The teleconsultation services will commence on March 31st and run through April 2nd, 2022, from 10 am to 5 pm. Highly qualified specialists from Manipal Hospitals will be available to answer the queries and address the health needs of the transgender community.

Breaking Barriers, One Consultation at a Time

According to the 2011 census, India is home to almost 4.88 lakh transgender individuals, many of whom have received minimal medical care due to stigma and discrimination. Manipal Hospitals’ initiative aims to break down these barriers, enabling transgender individuals to discuss skin-related concerns, voice feminization surgery, sexual reassignment surgeries, and other health issues without fear of judgement.

Accessible and Confidential Care

The teleconsultation program is designed for comfort and confidentiality, with a simple 2-step registration process. Transgender individuals can access this platform to discuss their health concerns with experts. Manipal Hospitals is committed to providing support and care for the transgender community.

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