How Various Ministries Are Fighting COVID-19 Together To Contain The Spread Of The Virus


Himanshu Das, a documentary filmmaker by profession, was shooting one of his commercials in Dubai. And then, all of a sudden came the coronavirus crisis.

By the time he thought of coming to the country, the air services were stopped. And thus, started his mission to reach home. First, he was contacted by officials of the Ministry of External Affairs in Dubai and they got his location. A COVID 19 test was done there. The process to bring him back to home started after the test came negative.

He was brought to Chandigarh along with 100 people. This group had people different parts of the country. As soon as this group of 100 people reached Punjab, the local administration and the Union Home Ministry took them under their control, and sent them to a center where they were to be kept in quarantine for 14 days.

The Health Ministry team kept in constant touch with them.

Regular tests were done. After they all landed, they were asked where they would go after 14 days.

Himanshu was to go to Madhubani in Bihar. After 10 days, he started getting calls from Patna and Madhubani. He was told by the authority to inform immediately the local authority, either in Madhubani or in Patna, wherever he would like to go, about his arrival.

After completion of 14 days, the process of sending them home started.

Permission letters were obtained so that they would face no problems in their journey to the home.

When Himanshu reached Patna, the administration and medical officer immediately came to his residence. He was asked to stay at home for the next 14 days. Disobeying the advice, he once ventured out of his residence and walked 200 meters. A message came from Delhi’s control room gently reminding him of what he had done.

This is a small example of how different departments of government are coordinating in monitoring individuals. The government’s handling of the situation is being described as the biggest campaign of the independent India where thousands of people are monitoring all kinds of activities round the clock.

The entire department of the Central Government has been engaged in this for the last one month. Although PM Modi himself is fully monitoring this operation against Corona, but all the Ministries and Departments have been clearly assigned their tasks.

Ministry of Health: All health-related coordination’s concerning COVD-19 are under its jurisdiction.  The nodal role while dealing with this crisis is also under this ministry.

Home Ministry: It is responsible for executing the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. It is also responsible for coordination between the center and states.

Ministry of Chemical Fertilizer: Constantly monitoring the availability of medicines in the country and monitoring it 24 hours in coordination with all the states.

Department of food and public distribution : It is the responsibility of this ministry to distribute free food grains among the poor. It also reviews how much stocks are in the government godowns. It reports to the home ministry every day.

External Affairs ministry: Coordination with other countries apart from being in contact with embassies. Continually receiving feedback from European countries including the US. Constant information about the security of Indian settled abroad. Carrying out formalities of essential goods coming from abroad.

Finance Ministry: Monitoring the economic situation every day and intervening to help wherever necessary. It has already announced the two packages.



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