24X7 Free For All Mental Health Helpline Launched In India: Check Details

The 24X7 PAN India Helpline will provide mental health support and consultations from counsellors and psychologists. Anybody can call on ‘080 6909 6909’ at any time and avail the benefits of this helpline, free of cost.

24x7 Pan India helpline is in tandem with the Government’s increased focus to improve the mental health space.
24x7 Pan India helpline is in tandem with the Government’s increased focus to improve the mental health space.

“AXA France Vie’s India Division and Manas Foundation Launch Free Mental Health Helpline Amidst COVID-19 Challenges”

In a powerful collaboration, AXA France Vie’s India division has teamed up with the New Delhi-based NGO, Manas Foundation, to introduce a groundbreaking initiative – a fully funded, 24×7 Pan-India Mental Health Helpline. The initiative is a responsive step in these unprecedented and uncertain times, marked by the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the guise of the ‘New Normal,’ mental illness and distress have silently burgeoned, and this helpline seeks to address the looming challenges.

Addressing the Mental Health Need

The helpline, accessible by dialing ‘080 6909 6909,’ offers free mental health support and consultations, tirelessly delivered by experienced counsellors and psychologists. As the pandemic engendered a surge in depression and suicides, Mr. Arun Ram Meghwal, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs & Culture, lauded the initiative by AXA France Vie – India and Manas Foundation. He commended their commitment to augmenting awareness about mental health and providing vital support to individuals grappling with mental health challenges.

Championing a Holistic Approach

Mr. Ankur Nijhawan, CEO of AXA France Vie India Reinsurance Branch, articulated the vision behind the helpline launch. He underscored the under-addressed issue of mental health in India and unveiled plans to extend inclusive insurance coverage to encompass mental health for group clients. This expansion will be accompanied by reinsurance capacity provisions to insurance companies, ensuring broader accessibility. The collaboration with Manas Foundation resulted in the free helpline launch, bridging the gap between crisis intervention and comprehensive mental healthcare.

Empowering Mental Wellness

Mr. Gordon Watson, CEO of AXA Asia & Africa, expressed privilege in joining hands with Manas Foundation. The helpline aligns with AXA’s global commitment to destigmatize mental health issues and empower individuals in need. AXA’s AI-driven solutions, including a dedicated AI health partner, augment the support provided to users contending with mental health concerns.

A United Approach

Manas Foundation contributes its psycho-social model, normalizing conversations around mental health and fostering an environment of open dialogue. Ms. Monica Kumar, Psychologist and Founding Trustee of Manas Foundation, emphasized the urgency of the helpline in light of the pandemic-induced fear that has fueled depression and anxiety. The helpline, synchronized with the government’s focus on mental health enhancement, aspires to create a more empathetic and inclusive community.

A Pervasive Need

Shazia Ilmi, National Spokesperson of BJP, acknowledged the timeliness and significance of AXA India’s initiative, highlighting the escalating relevance of mental health support. The helpline’s advent addresses the concealment of mental health struggles and seeks to mitigate the alarming rise in incidents of depression and suicide.

In this united endeavor, AXA France Vie’s India Division and Manas Foundation have taken a crucial step toward healing and hope. As society grapples with the hidden pandemic of mental health challenges, this free helpline stands as a beacon of assistance and awareness, fostering a resilient and supportive nation.

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