76th World Health Assembly Concludes with Funding Agreement and Focus on Key Health Issues

Successful conclusion of 76th World Health Assembly
Successful conclusion of 76th World Health Assembly

WHO’s annual assembly successfully addresses a diverse range of health topics and approves budget increase.

Geneva, Switzerland – The 76th World Health Assembly, held in Geneva, Switzerland, came to a successful conclusion, with a significant focus on addressing pressing global health issues and securing essential funding. Delegates discussed an extensive array of topics, including non-communicable diseases, infection prevention and control, maternal and child health, and traditional medicine.

During the assembly, delegates in Committee A acknowledged the roadmap towards the Global Health and Peace Initiative, which has been renamed from “Global Health for Peace Initiative.” They further requested the Director-General to provide regular progress reports on strengthening the roadmap. This initiative aims to promote health as a foundation for peace and stability worldwide.

Budget for 2024-25 approved, with a 20% increase in assessed contributions.

In the plenary session, the resolutions and decisions of the two committees were adopted, along with the approval of the budget for the upcoming period of 2024-25. Notably, there was a notable 20% increase in assessed contributions, demonstrating a historic milestone in funding support for global health initiatives. Committee chairs and regional representatives praised the progress achieved during this Assembly.

Dr Tedros highlights upcoming high-level meetings and emphasizes the need to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic

In his closing remarks, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, highlighted the significant events planned for the year ahead. These include high-level meetings focusing on universal health coverage, tuberculosis, and pandemic preparedness and response at the UN General Assembly. Dr Tedros emphasized the importance of ongoing negotiations on the pandemic accord and amendments to the International Health Regulations, stressing the need to learn from the mistakes of the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent their recurrence.

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