Dozee Partners with ANEI to Revolutionize Patient Care in India

Venus Remedies expands its oncology portfolio
Venus Remedies expands its oncology portfolio

Dozee, India’s Leading RPM and EWS Provider, Collaborates with ANEI to Enhance Nursing Practices and Patient Care

Dozee, the pioneer in contactless remote patient monitoring (RPM) and early warning systems (EWS) in India, has joined forces with the Association of Nurse Executives in India (ANEI) to transform nursing practices and improve patient care. With a shortage of nurses in the country, Dozee’s technology solution aims to bridge the gap and enable healthcare workers to remotely monitor patients’ vital parameters, ultimately enhancing clinical outcomes.

Bridging the Nursing Gap in India with Dozee’s Technology

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India falls short of the recommended nurse-to-population ratio. To address this challenge, Dozee’s RPM technology offers a promising solution. An independent consulting firm, Sattva, conducted research that showed for every ~100 Dozee connected beds, it can save ~144 lives, reduce the time taken for vitals by nurses by ~80%, and decrease ICU length of stay by ~1.3 days.

ANEI, a national-level association comprising dedicated nurse leaders across India, is committed to empowering nurses and ensuring quality patient care. Captain Ajita Nair, National President of ANEI, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that it will enable India’s nursing community to reach its full potential. By familiarizing nurses with emerging tech solutions like Dozee, ANEI and Dozee aim to improve clinical outcomes in all healthcare settings.

Technology as a Catalyst for Nursing Transformation. Driving Innovation in Nursing and Healthcare

Mudit Dandwate, CEO and Co-founder of Dozee, emphasized the role of technology in empowering healthcare professionals, including nurses, to deliver better patient outcomes and reduce their workload. With ANEI’s support, the partnership aims to revolutionize nursing practices, enhance patient care, and create a supportive environment for nurses in India. The collaborative efforts will showcase the transformative potential of technology in nursing and position nurses as leaders in adopting digital solutions for better healthcare delivery.

As the collaboration between Dozee and ANEI progresses, both organizations are committed to driving innovation in nursing, fostering professional growth, and improving patient care outcomes. Dozee has already trained over 5,000 nurses on advanced RPM techniques and established its presence in more than 380 hospitals. This partnership paves the way for a patient-centric healthcare system that prioritizes better health outcomes and delivery.

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