International Nurses Day: Nurses On The Frontline Against The COVID-19 Pandemic

“Celebrating the Indispensable Role of Nurses in Global Healthcare and Pandemic Response”

Nurses have a critical role to play when it comes to the health and wellbeing of people all around the world. The world continues to fight the pandemic and the frontline workers mainly the nurses considered as undergo have ensured patient care, safety, and support. To applaud the nurses, festives were organized over a week.

On the occassion of International Nurses Day, Mrs. Avani Oke, the Principal of of K.J Somaiya School & College of Nursing, said, “Nurses are an important pillar that facilitates the proper functioning of the healthcare system in India who work tirelessly all round, trying their utmost to make patients comfortable & happy. They have become heroes for doing a compassionate job of saving and curing patients since the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the planet. Their multifaceted function entails doing a variety of activities at work. Throughout the pandemic era, nurses have made tremendous sacrifices, fought heroically, and recommitted themselves on a daily basis to combat an unparalleled global health crisis. We should acknowledge them for their selfless contribution to the society”.

“Addressing Manpower Challenges During the Second Wave: Insights from Lt. Col. (Retd.) Santosh Kumari, Director – Nursing, Artemis Hospitals Gurgaon”

Second wave was really traumatic, there was crisis of manpower, supplies and on top of that fear of getting infected. To overcome manpower crisis, pulled out nurses from opds, ot, nurse coordinators, technicians from non busy areas. In future also same will be implemented and also we have ties with some agencies who will siphon nurses. said Lt. Col. (Retd.) Santosh Kumari, Director – Nursing, Artemis Hospitals Gurgaon

“Recognizing the Vital Role of Nursing in Healthcare: Insights from Mr. Archit Garg, Co-founder of Glamyo Health”

We have been working very closely with nurses and figured out that nursing requires a rare talent, and more aspirants should come forward to join the industry and explore careers in the field. This will help fix the crippled healthcare system in the country to a greater extent. Nevertheless, the nursing sector became more noteworthy this year because the world together stood against COVID-19, and nurses played a pivotal role in addressing the situation. As the pandemic has unravelled many gaps in our healthcare system, acknowledging every facet of the sector has become imperative, and nurses’ benefits, training, and forces have become an integral part of this mission said Mr. Archit Garg Co-founder of Glamyo Health.

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