New Life Gifted: Ms. Jinan Abdullah’s Victory Over Ovarian Tumour at Sanar International Hospitals

New Life Gifted: Ms. Jinan Abdullah's Victory Over Ovarian Tumour at Sanar International Hospitals
New Life Gifted: Ms. Jinan Abdullah's Victory Over Ovarian Tumour at Sanar International Hospitals

Gurugram: A tenacious spirit, a relentless battle against pain, and an unwavering pursuit of hope. Meet Ms. Jinan Abdullah, a resilient 54-year-old warrior hailing from Iraq. Her journey began with unrelenting abdominal discomfort that sent shockwaves through her life. Tirelessly seeking answers, she embarked on a journey that would lead her to the brink of despair and ultimately, triumphant healing.

In the depths of her pain, after numerous investigations, a formidable adversary emerged—a 30 x 30-centimeter sex cord-stromal tumour, nestled within her uterus and ovary area. Fears of multiple organ removal and the ominous shadow of associated risks cast a dark cloud over her spirit. In a courageous bid for recovery, she traversed the corridors of multiple hospitals, across Iraq and even India, each offering their suggestions, from HIPEC Surgery to Intestinal stoma removal, and even the drastic option of kidney removal. Amidst the whirlwind of uncertainty, her hope was hanging by a thread.

Then came the turning point. A beacon of expertise and compassion, Dr. Archit Pandit, the seasoned Director and HOD of Surgical Oncology at Sanar International Hospitals, took the reins. A meticulously planned Cytoreductive Surgery ensued. With precision and skill, the massive tumour was removed, leaving no room for complications. Lymph nodes and the abdominal fat (omentum) surrounding the tumour area were also taken out during the procedure. Ms. Jinan Abdullah’s journey of resilience culminated in a triumphant recovery, and she seamlessly slipped back into her normal rhythm of life.

Dr Archit Pandit, Director & HOD, Surgical Oncology, Sanar International Hospitals, commended Ms. Jinan’s enduring patience and indomitable perseverance. “A 30-centimeter-sized tumour can spark apprehension in even the strongest of spirits,” he acknowledged. The expertise at Sanar International Hospitals proved to be the light at the end of her arduous tunnel. In a testament to their commitment to holistic care, Ms Jinan’s journey was devoid of any complications, thanks to the right set of treatments and removal of tumour that had once threatened her vitality.

Ms Jinan herself, beaming with gratitude, shared her sentiments. “Words fail me when I think of Dr. Archit Pandit and Sanar International Hospitals. They bestowed upon me a new lease of life—a gift beyond measure. Blessings upon all the doctors and staff whose humanity shines as they serve their patients.”

The journey through ovarian cancer is not without its alarm bells—increasing abdominal size, bloating, and loss of appetite—are some of the worrying signs which one may experience. Ms. Jinan’s wisdom lay in heeding these signs, prompting her to embrace timely check-ups. A stark reminder emerges from her story: delays in evaluation could easily enable the tumour to spread to other organs, wreaking havoc on health. Consult a specialist, for early action, could be the key to reclaiming control over your health and destiny.

In the echo of Ms. Jinan Abdullah’s journey, one resounding truth lingers: resilience, expertise, and unyielding hope can lead the most inspiring tales of victory over adversity. With gratitude to the skilled hands and compassionate hearts at Sanar International Hospitals, Ms. Jinan Abdullah’s chapter of healing shines as a beacon of hope for us all.”

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