World Hearing Day: Understand The Importance Of Hearing To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

ISKCON Dwarka is organising a health camp on World Hearing Day. In the camp, health assessment and hearing test will be done with special equipments

Signia Revolutionizes Hearing Care with BestSound Centre Launch in Mizoram
Signia Revolutionizes Hearing Care with BestSound Centre Launch in Mizoram

A health camp is being organized at Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish Mandir ISKCON Dwarka on the occasion of ‘World Hearing Day’ on Thursday, 3rd March. In collaboration with Rampo Hearing Clinic and the World Health organization, the camp will be beneficial for those working in high-noise services, such as traffic police and other police personnel, especially those in the security service. Experts say that these people need regular check-ups. The entire work of camp check-up will be done under leadership of Dr. Ram P. Kumar, Director, Rampo Hearing Clinic.

The entire team of doctors will be present in the camp with special equipments for health assessment and hearing test. Equipments include hearing check, external ear’s video autoscopic test and ear plug for patients working in high noise area.

Apart from this, people will be made aware about the importance of hearing to promote a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, many modern equipments are being used in abundance which make noise. Keeping this in mind, this year the theme of World Hearing Day is focused on making people understand the importance of hearing. Educational awareness is essential for better execution of tasks and making professional environment at the community level.

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