New Study Reveals Growing Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases in India; Preventive Screening Urgently Needed

If you have high Waist Hip Ratio (WHR), you are at higher risk of CVDs. This is the time to come out of our faulty lifestyle and correct it holistically.

New Study Reveals Growing Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases in India; Preventive Screening Urgently Needed
New Study Reveals Growing Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases in India; Preventive Screening Urgently Needed

Indians Face CVDs a Decade Earlier than Europeans, Study Shows

A recent study conducted by India Health Link (IHL) has highlighted the alarming rise of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in India and the urgent need for preventive measures. The research findings indicate that Indians are affected by CVDs at least ten years earlier than their European counterparts, particularly during their most productive midlife years. This concerning trend calls for the implementation of a comprehensive preventive screening ecosystem to address the emerging risks of CVDs.

Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) Correlated with Higher Cardiometabolic Risk, Study Finds

The study conducted by IHL also sheds light on the link between waist hip ratio (WHR) and cardiometabolic risk. Researchers discovered a negative correlation between the rising WHR and the risk of developing CVDs. Individuals with high WHR were found to be at a significantly higher risk. This emphasizes the importance of adopting preventive measures and making necessary lifestyle changes to curb this growing risk.

IHL’s Health Pod Revolutionizes Preventive Screening, Offers Hassle-Free Experience

Dr. Sonia Rawat, the Director of the Department of Preventive Health & Wellness at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, highlighted the significance of preventive measures during a press conference. She praised IHL’s Health Pod (hPod), an ATM-sized screening device installed at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. The hPod provides hassle-free preventive screening, offering patients instant reports. Dr. Rawat emphasized that this innovative machine can also be invaluable in corporate settings, encouraging regular screening among employees and reducing absenteeism due to illness.

High Waist Hip Ratio Increases CVD Risk, Lifestyle Modifications Urgently Needed

Dr. Rawat further emphasized the need for lifestyle modifications to combat the rising risk of CVDs. She stressed the importance of incorporating fresh vegetables into the diet, maintaining timely meals, and increasing physical activity. Visceral fat, which is associated with high WHR, is a significant contributing factor to the incidence of CVDs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was observed that individuals with high visceral fat and comorbidities were more susceptible to severe outcomes.

IHL’s Health Pod Revolutionizes Preventive Screening, Aids National Digital Health Mission

Dr. Satyender Goel, the Founder & CEO of India Health Link (IHL), discussed the innovative screening ecosystem developed by IHL. The connected “human-centric” Phygital (physical+digital) screening ecosystem includes the award-winning hPod, offering automated vitals screening without assistance. The Health Pod also aligns with the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) by creating personalized health accounts and IDs, supporting the mission’s objectives.

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