Being Overweight And Alcohol Are Not A Good Mix: Know Why You Should Stop

While some studies found that alcohol like red wine has health benefits, but who wishes to drop the stubborn pounds alcohol isn’t the best for you

Alcohol Consumption Poses Heightened Risks for Overweight Individuals, Study Finds

A recent study conducted by the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre has shed light on the potential dangers of alcohol consumption for individuals who are overweight or obese. The research, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, involved analyzing data from over half a million participants.

Obesity and alcohol consumption combine to increase liver damage, warns the University of Sydney.

The study revealed a significant link between obesity, alcohol consumption, and the risk of liver damage. Senior author and research program director, Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, cautioned that individuals in the overweight or obese range who consumed alcohol were at a considerably greater risk of developing liver diseases compared to those within a healthy weight range who consumed alcohol at similar levels. In fact, the study found that even individuals who adhered to alcohol guidelines were over 50 percent more likely to suffer from liver disease if they were classified as obese.

Obesity and Alcohol Combine to Increase Liver Damage, Warns University of Sydney Study

Dr. Rajan Verma, Medical Director of Lab Operations at Oncquest Laboratories Ltd, further emphasized the negative impact of alcohol on individuals struggling with weight issues. Alcoholic beverages are not only high in empty calories but also fail to provide a sense of fullness, potentially leading to increased hunger and unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, excessive time spent in bars may deter individuals from engaging in other weight management activities.

Researchers urge overweight individuals to exercise caution due to heightened susceptibility to alcohol-related liver diseases.

In light of these findings, experts urge individuals to exercise caution when consuming alcohol, particularly if they are already overweight or obese. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being mindful of alcohol consumption are crucial steps toward preventing long-term damage to the body.

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