Centre Advises Isolation Of Suspected Monkeypox Cases At Designated Health Facilities

The ministry recently had asked health officials at airports and ports to step up surveillance and isolate symptomatic travellers from monkeypox-affected countries and send their samples to the NIV for investigation.

Monkeypox cases have been reported from Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Canada and the US, among others.
Monkeypox cases have been reported from Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Canada and the US, among others.

Monkeypox Outbreak Raises Concerns, India Implements Vigilant Measures

Amid Rising Cases, Union Health Ministry Urges Hospitals to Isolate Symptomatic Travelers

In the wake of a growing monkeypox outbreak and multiple countries reporting cases, India’s Union Health Ministry has issued crucial guidelines to combat the spread of the infection. The ministry urges hospitals across all states to be on high alert for symptomatic patients who have recently traveled to monkeypox-affected countries. Swift isolation at designated healthcare facilities forms a crucial aspect of the preventive measures.

Prompt Isolation Proves Effective – One Monkeypox Suspect Isolated in Canada

Amidst heightened vigilance, an instance in Canada highlights the effectiveness of prompt isolation measures. One traveler, displaying symptoms of monkeypox, was immediately isolated upon arrival. Subsequent tests at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune confirmed that the passenger did not carry the infection, reinforcing the importance of early detection and containment.

Collaboration for Comprehensive Guidelines – Health Ministry, ICMR, and NCDC Unite

The Union Health Ministry joins forces with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to devise comprehensive guidelines for monkeypox treatment and prevention. The collaboration ensures a unified and well-coordinated approach to tackle the ongoing outbreak.

Heightened Suspicion and Reporting – Ministry Issues Interim Advisory

Emphasizing the significance of early detection, the Union Health Ministry issues an interim advisory to all states and union territories. Healthcare facilities are urged to remain vigilant for individuals presenting with unexplained rashes who have traveled to countries with confirmed or suspected monkeypox cases. Timely reporting of such cases to the District Surveillance Officer is crucial for effective containment.

Laboratory Testing and Contact Tracing Recommendations

The advisory stresses the importance of laboratory testing in suspected cases. Healthcare professionals are advised to send samples, such as fluid from vesicles, blood, or sputum, to the NIV in Pune for monkeypox testing. Additionally, contact tracing measures must be promptly initiated to identify and monitor individuals who have been in contact with positive cases in the last 21 days.

Understanding Transmission Routes – Precautions for Prevention

To prevent further spread, understanding transmission routes is vital. Monkeypox can be transmitted through direct contact with body fluids or lesion material, as well as indirectly through contaminated clothing or linens of infected individuals. Health authorities stress the significance of adherence to prevention measures and heightened hygiene practices.

Similarities to Smallpox, Yet Less Severe

The clinical presentation of monkeypox shares similarities with smallpox, a related orthopoxvirus infection eradicated worldwide in 1980. While monkeypox is less contagious and generally causes less severe illness, the Union Health Ministry remains committed to early detection and stringent preventive measures.

In conclusion, India’s proactive response to the monkeypox outbreak underscores the country’s commitment to safeguarding public health. By implementing vigilant measures, directing isolation, and emphasizing early detection, India strives to contain and manage the situation effectively. As the world grapples with this global challenge, collective efforts and adherence to prevention guidelines remain crucial in combating the spread of monkeypox.

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