G20 India Presidency: Advancing Global Health Through Collaboration

G20 India Presidency
G20 India Presidency

Setting the Stage for Health Progress, Priorities That Define Progress

As the G20 Health Minister’s Meeting takes center stage in Gandhinagar from August 17-19, India’s leadership in traditional medicine shines bright.

With health emergencies preparedness, pharmaceutical cooperation, and digital health solutions, G20 Health Track sets ambitious goals for a healthier world.

Showcasing India’s Traditional Medicine, Digital Health: A New Frontier

India’s 8-fold growth in traditional medicine within 9 years is spotlighted, reflecting its unique contribution to global health advancements.

Amid a digitally interconnected world, G20 introduces a Global Initiative on Digital Health to amplify universal healthcare coverage and delivery.

Advantage Health Care India 2023, WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit, India MedTech Expo 2023 – Events that shape resilient healthcare systems.

Vision for a Healthier Future, India’s Commitment to Convergence

Guided by “One Earth, One Family, One Future,” India’s G20 Presidency prioritizes inclusivity, collaboration, and a post-pandemic healthier world.

India’s G20 Presidency drives convergence among various multilateral platforms, fostering integrated action for better global health outcomes.

With India leading the way, the G20 Health Minister’s Meeting heralds an era of collaboration and innovation for a healthier world.

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