Tips Every Runner Preparing For Marathon Must Know

During the run, we need energy or sugar and it is advisable for runners to eat something every four miles.

It is extremely important to maintain a good diet for marathon runners.

Health Tips: There are many who desire to participate in marathons. But this is not an easy task. Marathon running is something that will test your limits. While participating in a marathon can be rewarding, one needs to start preparing for it months in advance. If you are planning to do so, here we are going to tell you what you need to do.

According to Dr Yash Gulati, Orthopedic Surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals New Delhi, there are three stages of preparations for marathon runners. Let’s check out:

Divide Your Preparation Among Three Parts

According to Dr Gulati, the preparation – which should begin months before the event – should be divided into three parts: exercises, hydration, and diet.

Exercises For Marathon Runners

As far as exercises are concerned, those preparing to participate in a marathon need to strengthen only the limb muscles but also the core muscles of their back and abdomen.

“We should do it gradually and starting this all of sudden can do more harm than good,” Dr Gulati said.

Warm-up and Warm-down

Marathon runners must follow the formula of warm-up and warm-down. Dr Gulati suggests that after every exercise, one must walk or run a little bit after every exercise. Lying down just after exercise is not a good thing to do.


Emphasising the importance of stretching, Dr Gulati said that one must stretch both before and after the event to avoid cramps in muscles. Also, the selection of shoes and monitoring your heart rate and other parameters during the training is very important for getting desired results.

Hydration Extremely Important

Marathon runners tend to lose water and therefore it is important to hydrate yourself from time to time. “While energy drinks can be good, plain water is probably the best,” said Dr Gulati.

Food is the fuel for marathon runners

“Carbohydrates and sugar are extremely important. They are just like fuel and you will need them at every step. Fat is also important as it is a reserve and protein helps in repairing damage when we run for so long,” he added.

During the run, we need energy or sugar and it is advisable to eat something every four miles. After completing the run, you should have good carbohydrates and protein which will repair the damage.

What to eat?

Chocolate milk, full-fat yogurt and a banana sandwich can be some of the options. Chicken or fish can also be on the list.

Carbohydrate loading before the run

Dr Gulati suggests that carbohydrate loading 3-4 days before the actual run can be beneficial. “Take Pasta or other things for three to four days before the marathon day. It will load your body with carbohydrates and that will help you during the run,” he said.

It is extremely important to maintain a good diet. For this, one can contact his or her dietitian.

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