Johnson & Johnson Vision Unveils Revolutionary SILK Procedure

the role of communities and healthcare systems in addressing these issues.
the role of communities and healthcare systems in addressing these issues.

Newer Procedure to Treat Myopia 

Johnson & Johnson Vision has introduced an innovative solution to correct vision-related issues in India. The new SILK (Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis) procedure promises to provide a cutting-edge vision correction experience for patients with myopia, with or without astigmatism.

The SILK procedure aims to elevate surgical experiences by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and design. This revolutionary approach not only corrects refractive errors but also enhances overall patient outcomes. Burzin Shahana, Country Manager, Surgical Vision India, Johnson & Johnson Vision, expressed their commitment to innovation and improving the standard of care for myopia patients in India.

Experts from the Ophthalmology Departments of Various Hospitals Participated in the Research

Leading ophthalmologists, including Dr. Mahipal Sachdev from Center For Sight, Dr. Rohit Shetty from Narayana Nethralaya, Dr. Noshir/Rushad Shroff from Shroff Eye Center, and Dr. Ajay Sharma from Eye-Q Hospital, were part of the limited market release to introduce the SILK procedure to India.

A Glimpse into the Procedure

The SILK procedure is designed to correct myopia effectively. It involves the creation of a small disk-shaped lens, known as a lenticule, in the cornea using a next-generation laser vision correction solution. This lens is then delicately removed through a microscopic incision, reshaping the cornea and enabling patients to see clearly.

Studies have shown exceptional results with the SILK procedure. An astonishing 99% of patients expressed satisfaction with the outcome, while 98% were pleased with the rapid improvement in their vision. Additionally, 96% of patients would readily recommend the SILK procedure to their friends or family members.

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