NHA Extends Incentive Scheme for Digital Health Adoption

Insurance Integration: NHA & IRDAI Workshop Boosts ABDM & NHCX
Insurance Integration: NHA & IRDAI Workshop Boosts ABDM & NHCX

Embracing Digital Health for a Better Future

The National Health Authority (NHA) has extended its Digital Health Incentives Scheme (DHIS) under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) till December 2023. This scheme offers substantial incentives to hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, and health tech companies for embracing digital health technologies. The DHIS has proven to be a catalyst in promoting the adoption of digital health practices nationwide.

Incentives to Drive Transformation

The DHIS provides financial incentives of up to Rs. 4 crores based on the number of digital health records linked to patients’ Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) numbers. Eligible health facilities and digital solutions companies can benefit from this scheme, fostering a digitally inclusive healthcare ecosystem.

Hospitals and diagnostic labs can streamline operations through digital solutions like Hospital/ Health Management Information System (HMIS) and Laboratory Management Information System (LMIS). This transformation contributes to efficient and accessible healthcare services across the nation.

Impact on Healthcare Landscape

The DHIS extension reflects NHA’s dedication to fostering a digitally empowered healthcare ecosystem. Government and private healthcare providers, along with health tech companies, have received substantial incentives, positively impacting patient care and operational efficiency.

The DHIS extension signals a brighter future for healthcare in India. By incentivizing digital health adoption, NHA aims to build a technologically advanced healthcare ecosystem that benefits providers and patients alike.

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