Pristyn Care announces ‘CARES’ initiative

Five patient-first principles to provide the highest standard of healthcare

Pristyn Care Unveils CARES Principles for Patient-Centric Healthcare

Comfort – Putting Patients at Ease

Pristyn Care’s CARES program ensures end-to-end comfort throughout the treatment journey. From doctor consultations to diagnostics, admissions to post-operative care, the patient’s well-being is the top priority. Personal care coordinators provide dedicated support, ensuring a smooth experience.

Accessibility – Delivering Expertise Across 40+ Cities

The CARES program promises the highest standard of medical expertise both online and offline, spanning across 40+ cities and towns. Patients have access to cutting-edge technologies for surgeries, top-notch doctors, and medical facilities in their neighborhoods. With financing options like no-cost EMI payments and simplified insurance claims, healthcare becomes more accessible to all.

Reliability – Transparency and Hassle-Free Services

Transparency is paramount in Pristyn Care‘s approach. Medical records are maintained through EMR, ensuring billing transparency. Hassle-free admissions and discharges at hospitals make the process seamless. Rigorous training for medical staff guarantees medication management, safety, and post-operative care at the highest level.

Excellence – Focused on Qualified and Skilled Surgeons

Pristyn Care’s commitment to excellence lies in stringent checks on doctors’ qualifications, experience, and registrations with medical councils. The program on-boards only specialized surgeons with strong references. Continuous patient-care training and upskilling ensure the best care for patients. Moreover, doctors are well-equipped to handle advanced surgical equipment and devices.

Safety – Prioritizing Structured Outpatient Practice

The CARES program integrates Nine Principles of Structured Outpatient Practice to ensure patient safety. Doctors follow Standard Treatment Workflows (STWs) for reliable treatment. A comprehensive 20-point hospital checklist includes licenses, safety measures, and staffing capabilities, while periodic audits maintain the quality of healthcare infrastructure.

Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor on Building a Strong Relationship with Stakeholders

Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, co-founder at Pristyn Care, expresses their commitment to the highest standards of medical expertise and patient care. The post-COVID times have emphasized collective healing and improving the healthcare system. Pristyn Care’s five guiding principles under the CARES program reinforce transparency, care, and complete patient safety, ensuring a solid foundation for years to come.

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