Seven-Year-Old Undergoes Rare Laparoscopic Surgery For Chronic Pancreatitis At The CK Birla Hospital

In a rare occurrence worldwide, the CK Birla Hospital® in Delhi treats 7-year-old for chronic pancreatitis via complex laparoscopic surgery

CK Birla Hospital® Performs Successful Laparoscopic Surgery on Seven-Year-Old with Chronic Pancreatitis

Furthering the commitment to strengthening delivery of global standards of clinical excellence, the CK Birla Hospital® recently conducted a rare laparoscopic surgery, successfully, on a seven-year-old child to treat chronic pancreatitis, which was causing him severe abdominal pain. The young patient was severely underweight and was denied surgical intervention from other hospitals as he was just 17 kgs. Upon examination, Dr Amit Javed, Department of Advanced Surgical Sciences and Oncology Surgeries, CK Birla Hospital®, treated the child through a minimal access approach which helped him experience less pain and have an early recovery.

Dr Amit Javed said, “This case was very complex as we were not only treating a very young patient but also someone who was quite under-weight for his age. After a complete diagnosis, the child was treated through a laparoscopic surgery with a minimal access approach that ensured less pain and an early recovery for the child. Despite having multiple stones in the pancreas in addition to suffering from a bile duct obstruction, the child is now leading a normal and a healthy life. In addition to this, the patient will not have any scars from the surgery.”

The child came with complaint of severe abdominal pain due to multiple stones inside the pancreas. He was suffering from pain for last three years and was being treated for pain management. Bile duct stricture had impaired the flow of bile, leading to jaundice. His condition was critical and required immediate intervention.

Surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis is challenging in children and especially laparoscopic surgery has been rarely reported, worldwide. This is probably one of the youngest patient of chronic pancreatitis and bile duct obstruction in India who has successfully undergone a laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Akshat Seth, Chief Executive Officer, CK Birla Healthcare said, “We are committed to providing global standards of healthcare by using advanced medical innovations and techniques like minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries for our patients. This case, like many others, is a testimony to our long-standing track record of delivering high quality healthcare.”

“Our new centre in Delhi is the latest in our chain of world-class, multi-specialty centres focused on delivering exceptional clinical care and service standards that are comparable to the best in the world. The success of this case has been a milestone for us, reaffirming our clinical excellence through a case that is rare not only in India but worldwide as well’’, said Mr Vipul Jain, Chief Business Officer, CK Birla Hospital®.

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