Vertebroplasty Helps 103-Year-Old Woman With Fractured Spine Walk Again

It is important to mention that vertebral compression fracture, which occurs when the vertebrae in the spine collapse, can lead to severe pain, deformity and in certain cases loss of height.

Falls are a main cause of morbidity and disability in the elderly and lack of timely treatment can lead to permanent disability in the elderly.
Falls are a main cause of morbidity and disability in the elderly and lack of timely treatment can lead to permanent disability in the elderly.

103-Year-Old Woman Miraculously Walks Again After Rare Vertebroplasty Procedure

Fortis Hospital Witnesses Extraordinary Recovery in Fractured Spine Patient

In an extraordinary and rare case, a 103-year-old woman with a fractured spine has defied all odds and started walking again within a day after undergoing a groundbreaking medical procedure. The patient, who was admitted to Fortis Hospital, Noida, had been suffering from vertebral compression fracture, a condition that causes the vertebrae in the spine to collapse and can lead to excruciating pain and loss of height. However, thanks to the expertise and quick action of the medical team, led by Dr. Rahul Gupta, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery, Fortis Hospital, the patient’s life took a remarkable turn for the better.

Vertebroplasty Procedure: A Revolutionary Medical Intervention

The key to this miraculous recovery lies in the revolutionary medical procedure called Vertebroplasty. This minimally invasive technique involves accessing inner organs or tissue through needle-puncture of the skin under fluoroscopic guidance. During the procedure, a specialized bone cement is injected into the affected vertebral body, reducing pain and providing much-needed strength. In this patient’s case, the medical team also performed Kyphoplasty, using a balloon to create space and increase the height of the vertebral body. The result? The patient was able to stand and walk just one day after the surgery.

Overcoming Challenges: A Technically Demanding Procedure

Dr. Rahul Gupta expressed the challenges they faced during the procedure due to the patient’s age and frailty. The patient’s slightly compromised cardiac functions and weak bones required a carefully planned approach. Under monitored anesthesia, with mild sedation and local anesthesia, the medical team successfully executed the surgery while the patient remained conscious. For an hour, she had to lie prone, unable to move to minimize the risk of new fractures, cement leakage, migration, or hematoma formation. Despite the complexities, the procedure was a resounding success.

A Lifesaving Alternative: Restoring Mobility and Independence

Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty proved to be lifesaving alternatives for this centenarian patient. The medical team considered other treatment options, such as complete bed rest for eight weeks or major spine fixation surgery, but these were not viable for the patient’s condition. Prolonged bed rest could promote Osteoporosis and cause a rapid decline in mental and physical health. Thankfully, the successful vertebroplasty procedure helped the patient regain her mobility and independence.

 A Challenging Triumph: Fortis Hospital Noida’s Dedication to Patient Care

The entire team at Fortis Hospital, Noida, demonstrated their commitment to providing exceptional care and treatment, even in the most challenging cases. Mohit Singh, the Zonal Director of Fortis Hospital Noida, praised the medical team’s efforts in saving the patient’s life and highlighted the importance of timely treatment in preventing permanent disabilities in elderly patients.

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