World Cancer Day : Freedom From Fear of Cancer

Healthwire Bureau

New Delhi, February 4: On World Cancer Day and I think in India context theme should be, #freedomoffearfromCancer

because most of thing and which is leading to the delayed in Diagnosis as well as the treatment is that fear of a Cancer. When you heard or hear the word Cancer the three things which comes to your mind which is a Death sentence second its costly and the third the medication are going to make you worse. I Dr. Rahul Bhargava is ready to burst this myth, three of them are absolutely false in year 2020 because there new medication which has come by which you can take oral medication and can survive longer. What you require is to change the psychology of a word called Cancer, we have moved ahead in 2020 we are got smarter force, we have got smarter devices, but remember until unless you don’t come to the Doctor, nobody can treat you.

So, please please take care of your health, understand Cancer and in today’s world Every Cancer is not same. 80% Cancers can be cured if picked up early, with the targeted medication, without making you sick. And thanks to Government of India which has brought down the cost of Cancer Treatment by 40% by reducing the MRP of these Drugs. So, get ready to face the challenge of Cancer, beat them Win over Cancer.

Thank you!

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