CII & Himalaya Wellness Company Celebrate International Yoga Day 2023

Yoga for Wellness session conducted on International Yoga Day 2023
Yoga for Wellness session conducted on International Yoga Day 2023

Yoga for Wellness Session Promotes Employee Health

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Uttarakhand State Council, and Himalaya Wellness Company joined hands to celebrate International Yoga Day 2023 with a special focus on wellness. The event took place in Dehradun, where a Yoga for Wellness session was organized to promote the health and immunity of the employees.

Dr. S Farooq, Past Chairman of CII Uttarakhand and President of Himalaya Wellness Company, warmly welcomed the participants and highlighted the significance of yoga in our daily lives. He emphasized that yoga is not only a part of our rich cultural heritage but also a powerful tool for maintaining good health, positivity, and strength. The presence of Mr. David Hilton, Chairman of Hilton School, Dehradun, and Ms. Patricia Hilton, President of Rotary Club, Dehradun, added to the event’s prestige.

The session featured Ms. Ritu Lamba, a prominent Yoga Instructor from Dehradun, as the key resource person. Ms. Lamba enlightened the participants about the numerous benefits of various yogic asanas and shared insightful tips, including managing diabetes and asthma. She particularly emphasized the role of yoga in easing lower back pain and improving mobility through basic stretching exercises.

More than 100 employees from Himalaya Drug Company and CII State Office actively participated in the yoga session. The event took place in an open area, allowing the participants to connect with nature as they practiced asanas like Tadasana, Triyak Tadasana, Kati Chakrasana, Vrikshasana, and Vajrasana.

The celebration of International Yoga Day 2023 by CII and Himalaya Wellness Company underscored the importance of yoga for employee well-being. The event encouraged a holistic approach to health, promoting not only physical fitness but also mental and emotional wellness. By prioritizing wellness through yoga, the organizations showcased their commitment to the overall welfare of their employees.

In conclusion, the Yoga for Wellness session conducted on International Yoga Day 2023 served as a reminder of the significant role yoga plays in our lives. It provided a platform for employees to cultivate a healthier lifestyle, build immunity, and foster a positive work environment.

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