Experts Warn Bloating Can Be A Symptom Of Stomach Cancer

Health experts say that if bloating lasts or turns more recurrent than usual, it might be a symptom of an underlying health condition known as stomach cancer. Although bloating alone cannot be a conclusive symptom of stomach cancer, it is important to be aware of such supplementary signs and seek medical advice if they surface more often than usual. Experts say that feeling a sense of plumpness and tightness in the stomach after having a meal is often rejected as standard gas or indigestion. Nevertheless, it might indicate something more severe, hinting at a potential link to stomach cancer. Here are five crucial points that people should keep in mind to understand the link between bloating and stomach cancer.

Bloating is classified as a sense of swelling or tightness, often followed by abdominal ache, gas, and discomfort. Overeating, frequent eating, or intake of gas-producing foods can lead to sporadic bloating. Stomach cancer or gastric cancer, takes place in the cell layer of the stomach. It is the fifth most regular type of cancer across the world having the third-highest rate of death. Experts say that though bloating is not always linked to stomach cancer, frequent and more intensified bloating might act as an early sign of gastric cancer. Health experts say that stomach cancer can lead to bloating as the tumor hampers the stomach at an advanced stage, causing a feeling of plumpness and trouble digesting food. Bloating is a predominant side effect of gastric cancer treatments, like radiation and chemotherapy, leading to inflammation and digestive system issues.

People who deal with frequent bloating alongside inadvertent weight loss, abdominal pain, trouble swallowing, fatigue, and nausea should seek advice from their healthcare providers. A family history of the ailment, red meat and processed food-rich diet, and smoking are some risk factors that increase the odds of gastric cancer. Early diagnosis of the disease via biopsies and imaging scans is key for successful treatment. Experts say that people should know the possible link between gastric cancer and stomach bloating to identify early warning signs.

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