Jayesh Saini – The Man Revolutionizing Healthcare In Africa

In 2017, Saini added inpatient care by setting up two hospitals under LifeCare Hospitals Limited. In line with his passion, he is currently setting up another 6 facilities geographically spread in Kenya bringing total bed capacity to 2000.

Jayesh has managed to make sure the Bliss Healthcare clinics have over 1,100 healthcare professionals working throughout the facilities.
Jayesh has managed to make sure the Bliss Healthcare clinics have over 1,100 healthcare professionals working throughout the facilities.

Bliss Healthcare Revolutionizing Accessible and Affordable Healthcare in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – Bliss Healthcare, founded by Jayesh Saini, is spearheading a healthcare revolution in Kenya, providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to the nation. With a strong vision and commitment to quality, Bliss Healthcare has become a leading name in the healthcare industry.

Jayesh Saini, a second-generation Kenyan and visionary entrepreneur, is the driving force behind Bliss Healthcare’s success. Inspired by his father, a respected medical practitioner and the founder of Nairobi West Hospital, Jayesh embarked on a mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all Kenyans.

Under Jayesh’s leadership, Bliss Healthcare has grown exponentially, establishing a network of hospitals, clinics, and outpatient centers across the country. The flagship facility, Nairobi West Hospital, is a world-class medical facility with 400 beds and comprehensive services. Additionally, Medicross Limited, another venture by Jayesh, comprises 10 outpatient centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Jayesh Saini’s Vision for Quality and Affordable Healthcare Inspires Growth of Bliss Healthcare Network

The key philosophy driving Bliss Healthcare’s expansion is the belief that a good healthcare system must prioritize accessibility, affordability, and quality. Jayesh emphasizes that these three elements are interconnected and vital for the well-being of the population. Recognizing the concentration of healthcare providers in urban areas, Bliss Healthcare aims to bridge the gap by spreading its network across the country.

Bliss Healthcare’s commitment to affordability and accessibility is evident in its partnerships with prominent medical insurance providers, including the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). These collaborations ensure that a wide range of patients can access quality healthcare services at affordable rates.

With over 1,100 dedicated healthcare professionals, Bliss Healthcare serves more than 960,000 patients annually. The network boasts an unmatched array of cutting-edge equipment, including CT Scans, X-Ray machines, Ultrasounds, Dental Units, and Optical Units, strategically placed throughout the country. This infrastructure enables Bliss Healthcare to deliver standardized, high-quality care across its vast network, making it the largest and fastest-growing healthcare provider in Africa.

Looking towards the future, Jayesh Saini envisions healthcare that transcends socioeconomic boundaries, reaching even the most remote areas of Kenya. He firmly believes that healthcare should be accessible to all, regardless of their financial status or geographic location. Bliss Healthcare actively supports the Government of Kenya’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) initiative, aligning with its goal of providing affordable and quality healthcare services to every Kenyan.

In addition to its remarkable healthcare services, Bliss Healthcare demonstrates its commitment to the community by organizing over 100 free medical camps and health talks throughout the country each year. These initiatives aim to enhance public health awareness and provide much-needed medical assistance to underserved communities.

Jayesh Saini’s Bliss Healthcare is transforming the healthcare landscape in Kenya. By prioritizing accessibility, affordability, and quality, Bliss Healthcare is empowering Kenyans to lead healthier lives. With its remarkable growth and unwavering dedication to its mission, Bliss Healthcare is set to shape the future of healthcare in Kenya and inspire similar endeavors worldwide.

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