Safdarjung Hospital Launches First Skin Bank in Delhi

Safdarjung Hospital Launches First Skin Bank in Delhi and North India, Revolutionizing Burn Treatment
Safdarjung Hospital Launches First Skin Bank in Delhi and North India, Revolutionizing Burn Treatment

Initiative Aims to Provide a Lifeline for Burn Patients, Revolutionizing the Treatment of Extensive Burns and other types of Wounds.

The distinguished ceremony, led by Dr. BL Sherwal, Medical Superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital, and Dr. Vandana Talwar, OSD, showcased the institution’s commitment to advancing medical care. The presence of esteemed faculty members, including Prof Geetika Khanna, Principal of VMMC, added to the august and remarkable event.

The newly established Skin Bank at Safdarjung Hospital aims to address the immense burn problem in India. Each year, millions of people sustain burn injuries, resulting in a significant loss of lives and leaving many with deformities. The Skin Bank will play a vital role in mitigating these issues by providing readily available cadaveric skin for burn patients.

Dr. Shalabh Kumar, HOD of the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery, highlighted the impact of the Skin Bank. “This initiative is a feather in the cap of our hospital and a significant achievement,” he said. By utilizing donated skin, the hospital can significantly reduce mortality rates, enhance survival rates, and improve overall outcomes for burn patients.

No complications in skin donation 

The skin donation process is simple, allowing any deceased individual to donate their skin within six hours of death. The donated skin is carefully processed and stored in the Skin Bank for future use by patients in need. With a storage capacity of three to five years, the Skin Bank ensures an ample supply for treating burns and wounds effectively.

The inauguration of the Skin Bank at Safdarjung Hospital represents a significant leap forward in burn treatment and underscores the institution’s commitment to innovative healthcare solutions. By providing a readily available and efficient supply of donated skin, Safdarjung Hospital is poised to revolutionize burn care and improve the lives of countless patients.

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