SPEFL-SC to Revolutionize Fitness Landscape in India


Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training Revolutionizes Fitness Education in Collaboration with SPEFL-SC

Strengthening the Skill India Initiative with Accredited Certifications

The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training has partnered with the globally renowned Sports, Physical Education, Fitness, and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC) to revolutionize fitness education. This strategic alliance aims to empower aspiring fitness professionals with industry-specific skills and internationally recognized qualifications. By participating in the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) scheme for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), the Academy ensures that personal and fitness trainers have access to accredited certifications, providing them with the necessary tools for successful careers in the fitness industry. This initiative not only supports the Skill India initiative but also contributes to the overall skill development of the nation’s youth.

Empowering India’s Youth with Comprehensive Training Programs

Dedicated to empowering India’s youth, the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training offers comprehensive training programs that equip aspiring trainers with the expertise required to excel in their chosen fields. Through the collaboration with SPEFL-SC, the Academy diversifies career options for fitness enthusiasts, opening doors to rewarding paths in the fitness industry. By offering internationally recognized qualifications, the Academy aims to elevate the standards of fitness training in India, ensuring that professionals are well-equipped to meet the demands of the industry and provide top-notch services to clients.

The affiliation between Lexicon Academy and SPEFL-SC marks a significant milestone in the fitness education landscape of India. With their combined expertise and focus on industry-specific skills, aspiring fitness professionals can now embark on fulfilling careers, armed with accredited certifications and the knowledge to make a positive impact in the fitness industry.

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