Vesta Elder Care Collaborates with Dial4242 to Provide Emergency Ambulance Services

Vesta Elder Care and Dial4242 are committed to enhancing the quality of emergency care
Vesta Elder Care and Dial4242 are committed to enhancing the quality of emergency care

Enhanced Access to Emergency Ambulance Services

New Delhi, 21st June 2023 – Vesta Elder Care, a leading provider of elder home care services, has announced its collaboration with Dial4242, the country’s largest ambulance network, to provide exceptional emergency ambulance services. This partnership aims to ensure that individuals in need receive prompt and efficient medical care right at their doorsteps.

Vesta Elder Care partners with Dial4242 to provide immediate medical assistance

With Dial4242’s extensive network covering 300 cities, Vesta Elder Care’s customers can now access a wide range of ambulance services, including basic life support (BLS) ambulances, cardiac ambulances, advanced life support (ALS) ambulances, interstate ambulances, and Hearse Vans. This collaboration seeks to address the concerns and worries of individuals with elderly or unwell family members at home, ensuring that every ambulance is equipped with essential medical equipment, such as oxygen cylinders, and staffed with highly trained professionals.

Commitment to Exceptional Emergency Care

Founder of Vesta Elder Care, Mr. Rahul Misra, expressed his belief in standing alongside customers during difficult times. Through the partnership with Dial4242 ambulance services, both basic and advanced life support ambulance services are now available at patients’ doorsteps. The dedicated team at Dial4242, comprising highly trained professionals, is equipped to handle any medical emergency with utmost care and expertise. By seamlessly integrating Dial4242 ambulance services into the Vesta Elder Care app, critical situations and routine visits to medical care centers are efficiently addressed 24/7.

Effortless Access to Emergency Services

Booking an ambulance through the user-friendly Vesta Elder Care app is simple and efficient, ensuring a response time of as little as 30 seconds. Clients can also contact the helpline at 8882545454 to request an ambulance. Regardless of the chosen method, Dial4242 ambulance services will promptly reach the desired location, allowing for quick access to medical care when time is of the essence.

Through their collaboration, Vesta Elder Care and Dial4242 are committed to enhancing the quality of emergency care and support available to their customers. By combining their expertise and resources, they strive to deliver exceptional emergency ambulance services and assistance to individuals and families in need.

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