Thursday, July 2, 2020

How To Wash Fruits And Vegetables: FSSAI Shares Guidelines

There is often a dilemma on how to handle fruits and vegetables that we get from the market. Should we wash them? Should we...

Researchers Develop Stamp-Sized Wearable Device To Monitor COVID-19 Patients

Scientists have developed a stamp-sized device that can be used to catch early signs and symptoms of the coronavirus and help monitor patients as...

Experts Opinion

Quitting Tobacco Isn’t Easy, But NRTs Can Help

Over half of all long-term tobacco users die from health issues caused directly because of their habit. It also severely affects their quality of...


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Suicide- An Act From Pain And Not Weakness

The world has been in lockdown since what feels like an eternity. It has given every one more time to introspect which has brought...