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Walking is a low-impact exercise that requires no special equipment or gym membership.

Why Walking Is Indeed The Best Exercise For Everyone

Walking can be easily incorporated into daily routines. It can be a mode of transportation, a social activity with friends or family, or a solo endeavor for self-reflection and relaxation.
Walking outdoors is more delightful and encouraging for many people.

Walking Outdoors Vs On Treadmill – Which Is More Beneficial? Find Out

Walking outdoors lets people experience nature and fresh air while walking on a treadmill offers a more precise and safe atmosphere.
Walking breaks not only have physical health benefits but also contribute to mental health.

Walking for Five Minutes Reduces Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

The five-minute of walks reduced the blood sugar spike after eating by almost 60 per cent.
Study Finds Walking 6,000 to 9,000 Steps Daily Can Slash Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Older Adults by 50%

Study Finds Walking 6,000 to 9,000 Steps Daily Can Slash Cardiovascular Disease Risk in...

However, the study found no association between increasing the number of steps and lowering of CVD risk for younger adults.

Walking Hand-In-Hand With A Partner Might Slow You Down: Study

A new study done by some researchers at Purdue University says that if you walk hand in hand with your partner, you might miss...

How Much Walking Is Sufficient And What Is The Best Time For It? Here’s...

Walking is one of the best exercises and doing it on a regular basis can help you improve or maintain your overall health. Walking...

Walking Next To Water Bodies Can Boost Mental Health: Study

New Delhi: With people leading fast-paced lives, a raging pandemic, personal and professional obligations on the regular, mental health often gets neglected. It is being...

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