Don’t Fall Prey To Fake Covid Vaccine Apps, Warns Health Ministry

Co-WIN (COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network) app, a digital platform created for real-time monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine delivery and distribution by the Centre.

We’re getting closer and closer to getting and actually registering for the COVID vaccine. However, don’t use fake applications when sharing your personal and confidential data.

The government’s official Co-WIN app for Android and iPhone Apples is yet to be released and you shouldn’t just download fake applications. In order that people may register for COVID in the country, the Government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare must also make official CO-WIN applications eligible.

The government says that the official Co-WIN platform for people is at the final stage of implementation. Official applications are scheduled to go live on the Google Play Store for Android phones and the Apple App Store for the iPhone in the coming days.

Don’t download fake apps

The Union Ministry of Health has warned the citizens against downloading and sharing personal details on some of the applications called Co-WIN, “created by unscrupulous elements” which are similar to the upcoming official government portal for the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination method.

“Some apps named “Co-WIN” apparently created by unscrupulous elements that sound similar to the upcoming Official Government Platform are available on App stores. Do NOT download or share personal information about them. MoHFW Official Platform will be adequately publicized on its launch,” the Ministry of Health tweeted.

The Co-WIN (COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network) app, a digital platform built by the Centre to track the delivery and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in real-time, is almost in its final stages of implementation and has not gone live on Google Play Store or any other app store.

Meanwhile, states and UTs have collected data from health and frontline staff who would be given the first priority anti-coronavirus vaccine and the data is being submitted to the Co-WIN app, the Ministry said.

What is the Co-WIN platform?

At a press conference earlier, the Ministry of Health announced that “Co-WIN digital platform provides a free downloadable mobile application that can help record vaccine data. You can register on it if you want a vaccine.

“There will be five modules in Co-WIN app — Administrator module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgment module, and report module.”

The Administrator Module is for the administrators who will be having these vaccination sessions, he said. This module enables the coordination of sessions and notification of the respective vaccinators and managers.

The registration module is used to allow citizens to be immunized. This would upload bulk data from local authorities or surveyors on co-morbidity.

The vaccination module reviews the specifics of the recipient and updates the vaccination status.

SMS will be sent to the beneficiaries via the Recognition Module. The health ministry said it will also produce QR certificates following immunization.

The module will prepare information on the number of vaccines, the number of people who attended, the number of people who dropped out, etc.

The app also sends cold-storage temperature data to the main server in real-time, he says.

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