India Fights Corona: Safety Tips To Follow If You Go Outside For Shopping

It is better to take a bath and put used clothes separately till you wash them.

Things are getting back to normal with the government announcing unlock measures in a phased way. While lockdown forced everyone to stay inside in order to curb the outbreak of the coronavirus, more and more people are now stepping outside their homes as restrictions are being eased. But that doesn’t mean that the chances of getting infected with COVID-19 have reduced.

The chances of getting infected increase when you come into contact with the people and this usually happens in the case of grocery shopping. The more people we come in contact with, the greater the risk of virus transmission. So how do we keep ourselves safe going outside for shopping?

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There are certain numbers of virus particles to which you need to be exposed before you get infected with it. However, we don’t know exactly what this number is for COVID-19. There are several ways in which you can be exposed to SARS-CoV-2 – by breathing or by touching a surface having particles of virus and then transferring it to eyes, nose or mouth by touching them.

So here are some steps that one can take to stay safe during and after shopping:

Plan In Advance: This is necessary so that you can avoid frequent visits to the grocery store.

Follow Social Distancing Norms: While in the store simply ensure that you follow the basic rule of social distancing while queuing.

Touch Only Necessary Item: It is safe to touch as few things as possible. Also, remember that you should not touch your face or eyes while shopping. It is better to use gloves while in such places.

Minimum Contact: Use digital or contactless payment methods as much as possible.

Clean Your Hands: Once you are done shopping, sanitize your hands and wash them with soap.

Leave Footwear Outside: It is always safe to leave your shoes or slippers outside the house when your return from shopping.

Shopping Bags: Shopping bags should be kept at a designated or isolated place

Take Bath: It is better to take a bath and put used clothes separately till you wash them.

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