Saturday, December 9, 2023

Safety & Health Management

The moment we step inside our workplace, we expect it to be a safe place to work in. No matter what your occupation is, being safe at the workplace is always the primary concern. But the harsh reality is that lakhs of people lost their lives because of workplace-related accidents or disease. This translates to the loss of one precious life every fifteen seconds.
It is not just a basic duty but also the foremost responsibility of employers to do everything to care for the safety of employees. COVID-19 pandemic has come as a real challenge for most employees as they are finding it difficult to deal with the challenge of striking a balance between the safety of their workers and workflow efficiency.
'Health & Safety Management Awards' is an initiative to recognise the achievements of those organisations and individuals who demonstrated excellence and innovation in the field of Workplace Health & Safety even during these testing times. The awards will be given to both company and the individual. Winning the award will help you showcase the positive and proactive culture of health and safety management within your business.

Healthcare Crusaders Awards

India was not among the first countries hit by Covid-19. However, India was predicted to be high-risk for Covid1-19 for a number of reasons. These reasons included: dense population, poor health infrastructure, lack of awareness among common people.
India has shown great resolve to fight this deadly virus. However, we have not won the war against the virus yet. Second wave is upon us. Despite the ongoing vaccination, more and more people are contracting the infection.
But we all are optimistic. We know we are going to win this war. Our collective strength and resolve have made India a symbol of resilience and hope. India's collective resolve to fight the pandemic could be seen in the efforts of Covid warriors. Doctors, paramedics, nurses, sanitation workers, government staff, ordinary men and women all are engaged in the fight against the Covid-19. Last year, HealthWire Media had come up with the 'Healthcare Crusaders Awards" to celebrate these heroes. Covid Warriors were honored in different categories. We have once again decided to honour the Covid-19 warriors who have risked their lives and shown exemplary courage to fight the pandemic.
Like the past year's award ceremony, this year too, we will honor and celebrate Covid crusaders who are keeping us safe in these difficult times.