Carmesi Reiterates Its Commitment Towards Women With The Launch Of Its First Ever Cramp Relief Heat Patch To End Period Pain

Carmesi’s cramp relief air-activated heat patches are portable, practical, and provide relief for up to 8 hours

Carmesi, feminine hygiene brand founded by Tanvi Johri

In 2017, with a mission to make periods safer for women, has launched its first-ever cramp relief air-activated heat patches that are made of 100% natural ingredients.

As a re-enforcement of its commitment towards ending period pain, the brand has introduced yet another pioneering innovation that will significantly help ease the lives of women who suffer from mild to moderate period cramps.

Debate on whether there should be menstrual leaves to ease the issue of women

According to the Maya Health Survey 2017, it was reported that India ranks distressingly low when it comes to unhealthy menstrual cycles. The report also indicated that 68% of women have severe period-related symptoms such as cramps and bloating. This sparked a nationwide debate on whether there should be menstrual leaves to ease the issue of women. A couple of companies actually went ahead with sanctioning period leaves. A recent study by British Medical Journal in 2019 reported that menstrual symptoms like period pain may be linked to approximately 9 days of lost productivity per woman every year.

Carmesi’s cramp relief air-activated heat patches

Many girls have reportedly missed classes in schools and universities due to period pain. Period pain directly impacts their concentration levels as well as performance in class. Similarly, working women who have to travel for work-related meetings find it extremely inconvenient. These insights led to the genesis of Carmesi’s cramp relief air-activated heat patches, an effective solution to help women combat period pain without compromising on their productivity.

Carmesi’s air-activated, cramp-relief heat patches are made with 100% natural ingredients such as Iron, Salt, Water, Activated Carbon, Moisture Absorber, Vermiculite that help in providing instant pain relief. Carmesi heat patches are designed to emit heat as soon as they come in contact with the atmosphere and provide pain relief for up to 8 hours.

The heat patches help relax uterine and pelvic muscles to ensure the smooth passage of period blood

The heat patches help relax uterine and pelvic muscles to ensure the smooth passage of period blood, which in turn helps one have an easier and more comfortable period. That’s not all, Carmesi heat patches are portable and practical, thus making them easy to carry around in a handbag or purse and can be used by any menstruating woman starting as early as teenagers with their first periods to those who cramp till they reach menopause. They can be worn while traveling, working in the office, playing a sport or during workouts.

Speaking about the launch, Tanvi Johri, Co-founder and CEO at Carmesi says, “Carmesi is a thoughtful and insight-based brand that works with the purpose of ending period shame. The brand strives to bring menstrual conversations to the fore while highlighting issues faced by women. For instance, PMS is suffered by more than 90% of women all over the world, at Carmesi, we endeavor to provide solutions to these issues through our innovative product offering that has a direct impact on the lives of women. We are confident that our new range of air-activated heat patches will serve as an effective solution that will empower women to accomplish their goals sans period pain. This new launch underlines our long-term commitment to ending period pain and is a definitive step towards expanding our menstrual hygiene portfolio.”

How to use cramp-relief heat patches?

  1. Tear open the outer wrapper and peel off the release paper
  2. Stick the sticky side to the inside of your underwear
  3. It may take 5-15 mins for the heat patch to heat completely
  4. After use, dispose with normal household waste
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