Union Health Ministry Responds To Adar Poonawalla’s Question, Says Disagrees With Mathematics

As far as the mathematics of Rs 80,000 is concerned, we do not agree with it. I will not comment upon it: Rajesh Bhushan

Union Health Ministry replied to Adar Poonawalla’s tweet said it disagrees with the mathematics of the question which asked the government whether it has Rs 80,000 crore to buy and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to everyone in India.

While responding to the question, Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary said, “The attention of the Health Ministry was drawn towards a tweet in which this amount is mentioned. The person who tweeted about this amount tweeted again and said that he has full faith in the government while adding that the government has ensured that they have made the arrangements.

He added, “As far as the mathematics of Rs 80,000 is concerned, we do not agree with it. I will not comment upon it.”

Adar Poonawalla, CEO and Owner, Serum Institute of India (which is conducting trials for the COVID-19 vaccine) said in a tweet, “Quick question: Will the government of India have 80,000 crores available over the next one year? Because that’s what @MoHFW_INDIA needs, to buy and distribute the vaccine to everyone in India. This is the next concerning challenge we need to tackle. @PMOIndia.”, where he also tagged the Honorable Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health and welfare in the tweet.

Where he added, “I ask this question because we need to plan and guide, vaccine manufacturers both in India and overseas to service the needs of our country in terms of procurement and distribution.”

But on the very next day, on September 27, Poonawalla tweeted, “We share and applaud your vision @narendramodi Ji, on providing vaccines to the global community. It is a proud moment for India, thank you for your leadership and support. All your arrangements for India will take care of all needs for the Indian people.”


Rajesh Bhushan said that the central government has constituted a national expert committee on vaccine administration under the chairmanship of Dr. VK Paul, Member NITI Aayog.

He said he will co-chair the committee. So far five meetings of the committee have been conducted along with four to five meetings with small teams of the committee. 

He further said, “We have discussed prioritization of population. Based on that we have calculated the amount for the system of proposed staggered immunization and the government has the required amount.”

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