Enhance your bone health with Vitamin D and Calcium

Dr. Rohit Lamba, Head of Department & Senior Consultant, Bone and Joint Replacement & Orthopaedics, Sanar International Hospitals

Bones are not a mere set of 206 pieces but provide basic structure to the physical anatomy and at the same time they cover and protect our internal organs. Hence our bones seek comparatively better care . Especially with ageing a progressive decline in

bone health can make them more prone to any deformity or breakage. Although right intake of calcium is said to be enough, but would it really suffice? Let’s discuss in detail:

Calcium and Bones:

Calcium is the major component of our bones, as it’s not made in the body, it comes from the consumption of calcium rich food. The main sources of calcium are milk and milk products and nuts. Hence in order to maintain the overall bone strength increase the calcium intake, be physically active and regular with exercise.

Role of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D plays a key role in the effective absorption of calcium from the gut. Hence the deficiency of Vitamin D can potentially lead to poor density of bones and fragility even after right intake of calcium. Maintaining Vitamin D levels along with calcium is very important. Talking about its regular intake unit, doctors recommend 400 IU per day for children and 800 IU per day for adults. The main source of activated Vitamin D is sunlight exposure; our body can produce Vitamin D but the activated form of Vitamin D is produced with sunlight exposure. The mere deficiency of Vitamin D can result in weaker bones, lesser strength, and poor quality of bone health. This majorly presents in muscle pain, fatigue and lack of energy in the body, sometimes even mere walking can result in aching bones. These are the early symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. The prolonged ignorance can lead to easy breakage of bone and may result in pathological fractures as well.

Preferably before 11 o clock the morning is the right time to go out in the sun for Vitamin D activation, after that the increased levels of UV rays can damage skin and prolonged sun exposure can leave you dehydrated as well. Now sitting in the sun is not sufficient, indulge in physical activities or exercise during this sun exposure, encourage children to play.

Population at risk:

Our congested urban cities lack right amount of morning sunlight. Hence people living in such areas are comparatively more at risk of developing Vitamin D deficiency. Also people living unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, doing sitting jobs but not exercising at all, staying indoors are also prone to develop bone related issues. Adding to that smoking and alcohol consumption can aggravate the problem. Along with that people with medical conditions like kidney issues can also be at risk, because Vitamin D is majorly produced in our kidneys.

Get your Vitamin D levels checked, and take supplements as per concerned doctors’ suggestion. The same applies on Calcium supplements as well. All supplements are effective only if taken under expert’s supervision.

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