Ayurvedic Remedy Seems To Cure 88 Percent Of Covid Patients In 5 Days

The herbal combination group had 88% of patients test negative by day 5, in comparison to the SOP with only 72 % negative

A clinical trial was conducted in India to monitor the outcome of natural treatments for COVID-19. The combination of the ayurvedic remedy called ‘Immunofree’ by Corival Life Sciences, and a supplement called ‘Reginmune’ by Biogetica was found to work better in comparison to the generally accepted Standard of Care in a clinical trial.

Alternative medicine has proven to have huge potential in preventive and curative care for COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have witnessed natural remedies’ combative response to Coronavirus. For example, China mitigated the risks associated with coronavirus with the help of traditional Chinese medicine formulas. Similarly, countries such as Madagascar along with other nations also registered a consistent mortality rate under 1% by using the same natural medicinal route.

However, up until now, there was no clinical trial that directly compared the results of natural medicine against traditional medicines in the fight against Corona. So it was pleasantly surprising when the study yielded startling results in alternative medicines favour.

Half the participants in the clinical trial were given a combination of ‘Immunforee’ and ‘Reginmune’, and the other half were given the government SOP (depending on patient conditions and hospital norms, which included but were not limited to Paracetamol (SOS), B-complex (OD,) Vitamin-C (TID), Azithromycin (OD), Favipiravir and Pantocid (OD)).

The herbal combination group had 88% of patients test negative by day 5, in comparison to the SOP with only 72 % negative. 100% of patients on Immunofree and Reginmune tested negative on day 10, compared to the 88% on the SOP that tested negative in the same time frame.

The obvious percentage differences suggest that natural medicine from Ayurveda when administered correctly can outperform pharmaceuticals. The ground-breaking results have been submitted to the Ayush ministry in the hope that they will expedite the approval of Immunofree and Reginmune for Covid treatment.

Puneet Mittal, Research Director, Mittal Global Clinical Trial Services (MGCTS), said, “Herbal drugs have been used since ancient times as medicines for the treatment of various diseases. Standard operational procedure for the standardization of herbal drugs and formulation was followed while preparing the combination treatment and it is overwhelming to see the results. We are determined to showcase the ground-breaking results of this clinical trial based on traditional plant-based medicines to enhance global acceptance as well as in India.”

Dr Vijaykumar Kamat, Medical Director, Biogetica said, “In view of the positive trial results, we have approached AYUSH to get listed as the first herbal treatment of Covid in India and look forward to government support in seeing this helping Indians and India.”

Apurve Mehra, founder, Biogetica said, “Patients were discharged at good health showing hundred percent recoveries with Immunofree and Reginmune without complications. During the trials, no aggravation of symptoms was seen with no mortality till now amongst the admitted patients.”

Additionally, Immunofree ingredients such as “Andrographis Panicullata” have been approved by the Thailand government, and “Artemisia” has been approved by the Madagascar government for the use of Covid-19.

We also hope that the government lists these remedies as part of the globally accepted Standard of Care for COVID for quicker recovery, as they truly bear the potential of saving lives, freeing up hospital space and helping people return to normal.

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