Clove Dental Solves Complicated Tooth Trouble For A Patient Before It Gets Out Of Hand

Clove Dental resolves a complicated alignment problem for a patient after a failed attempt to correct crooked teeth with a general dentist

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A 36-year-old software professional, Reena Gupta visited an Orthodontist at Clove Dental with problems of swollen gums and severe pain due to metal brackets and wires placed in the mouth after a failed attempt to correct her crooked teeth.

Two months back, Reena had visited a renowned general dentist promising to fix her crooked teeth with transparent aligners at half the cost in comparison to traditional braces, she was hooked.

Having faced problems with teeth alignment, she decided to visit an orthodontist at Clove Dental. Using regular metal braces requires a bulky appliance placed in the mouth and also affects the speech of the individual. The traditional method is expensive with the cost depending on the type of aligner used for the treatment.

“An Orthodontist is a Dental Specialist who deals with the correction of crowded teeth and jaw deformities. Orthodontic treatment usually takes months to get completed and requires periodic monitoring by the concerned orthodontist. The orthodontist checks and evaluates whether the Aligner treatment is tracking as pre planned or not. It is the expertise of the orthodontist to choose the modifications needed, if any, in the Aligners for best possible outcome of the treatment ”said Dr.Vimal Arora, CCO- Clove Dental.

Orthodontic treatment has evolved significantly in the last decade with the availability of new materials that are aesthetic and flexible. While clear alignment treatment is preferred by ones who don’t want braces to be seen, it is still not a complete alternative to traditional fixed braces that are used to treat complex mal-alignment issues.

Further, the Indian Dental Association has issued clear guidelines that state patients should visit a registered orthodontist instead of a regular dentist for better dental treatment to get

rid of their crooked teeth problem. Also, the guidelines state the registration of dentists must be mentioned on the company website.






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