Covid-19 Positive Donald Trump Leaves Hospital Briefly To Greet Supporters

“It’s been a very interesting journey. I learned a lot about Covid-19,” Trump said, standing in his hospital room in a video posted on social media.

US President Donald Trump, who is being treated for the highly-infectious Covid-19 at a hospital, left the facility briefly on Monday morning to greet his supporters gathered outside, a move that drew fierce flak from the medical community.

Trump’s brief drive outside his hospital came shortly after he promised his supporters “a surprise” in a video posted on social media.

In a video posted just before the appearance, Trump said he “learned a lot” about the virus. Trump, who is admitted at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for coronavirus treatment, came out of the hospital for a brief drive in his bulletproof vehicle.

The US President further said that he had “a very interesting journey” where he learned a lot about Covid-19 by going to the “real school” and not the “read the book school”.

“The work doctors do is absolutely amazing,” he added. Earlier today, Trump had appreciated his supporters who are outside the Walter Reed hospital as he is being treated for novel coronavirus. “I really appreciate all of the fans and supporters outside of the hospital. The fact is, they really love our country and are seeing how we are making it greater than ever before,” Trump tweeted.

His medical team had said that Trump experienced two episodes of blood-oxygen drops during his illness but he is likely to be discharged on October 5 (Monday).

On Thursday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were tested positive for coronavirus.

Trump’s medical team on Sunday said the president was started on the steroid after experiencing low oxygen levels, but his condition was improving and he could be discharged from the hospital on Monday.

Doctors not involved in treating President Donald Trump for Covid-19 said the fact that he has been started on dexamethasone – a generic steroid widely used in other diseases to reduce inflammation – is evidence his case is severe.

“What I heard in the news conference description suggested the President has more severe illness than the generally upbeat picture painted,” said Dr. Daniel McQuillen, an infectious disease specialist at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts.

The Infectious Disease Society of America says dexamethasone is beneficial in people with critical or severe Covid-19 who require extra oxygen. But studies show that the drug is not helpful – and may even be harmful – in people with a milder case of the illness.

Dr. David Battinelli, chief medical officer at New York’s Northwell Health said “it’s entirely plausible” that Trump could get discharged on Monday, but cautioned that a full recovery would take time.

“It would be very unlikely for him to be out and about, and on the campaign trail in less than 14 days,” he said.

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