’s Augmento Receives US FDA Clearance, Pioneering AI-Driven Radiology Workflow Management Solution in India

Revolutionizing Radiology Workflows with Responsible AI Technology
Revolutionizing Radiology Workflows with Responsible AI Technology’s Augmento Granted 510(k) Clearance by US FDA for Clinical Use, a prominent player in the field of radiology AI, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with its innovative AI-powered Radiology Workflow Management Solution, Augmento. The platform has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use, positioning it as the first AI-powered radiology solution in India to obtain such recognition. This FDA clearance further establishes Augmento’s credibility and reliability, making it an attractive choice for healthcare providers globally.

Revolutionizing Radiology Workflows with Responsible AI Technology

The Indian Radiological and Imaging Association recently highlighted a severe shortage of radiologists in the country, with a ratio of only one radiologist per 100,000 people, significantly lower than the World Health Organization’s recommended standard of one radiologist per 10,000 individuals. This shortage extends beyond developing countries, affecting developed nations like the UK, Japan, and Singapore as well. The scarcity of radiologists hampers accurate and timely diagnoses, resulting in delayed treatments, increased costs, and compromised health outcomes.’s Augmento platform addresses this radiologist shortage crisis by seamlessly integrating AI technology into radiology workflows, significantly enhancing productivity, quality, and patient care. Currently deployed in over 350 hospitals and imaging centers across India, Augmento touches the lives of approximately 60,000 individuals each month. The platform has also gained traction in several APAC countries, with the Singapore government incorporating it into key hospitals as part of their National AI strategy.

Empowering Doctors with Trustworthy AI Results. Augmento’s FDA Clearance Fuels Innovation and Enhanced Patient Care

Dr. Amit Kharat, Co-Founder and CEO of, expressed his excitement about the US FDA clearance, describing it as a significant boost for the company. This clearance enables to expand its presence to the United States, the largest global healthcare market, while fulfilling their vision of revolutionizing radiology with affordable, accessible, and accurate AI-powered solutions.’s Chief Technology Officer, Ashutosh Pathak, emphasized the importance of responsible AI in building trust between doctors and AI results, addressing concerns about the opacity and reliability of AI-driven diagnoses.

With the growing demand and pressure on radiology departments, hospitals, and healthcare providers, the adoption of innovative technologies like Augmento is crucial for efficient radiology workflow management. The US FDA clearance represents a significant milestone for the healthcare industry, opening up new opportunities for innovation and improved patient care.’s Augmento platform, with its proven track record and regulatory clearance, is poised to lead the way in harnessing the power of AI to transform radiology and elevate the standards of healthcare globally.

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