India Becomes Third Country To Cross Figure Of 1 Lakh COVID-19 Deaths As Pandemic Rages. How Grim Is The Situation? 

Though the figure shows a grim situation, India is still far better than some of the world’s worst-hit countries in terms of deaths per lakh population and case fatality rates (CFRs).

India is now the third country in the world that has recorded over 1 lakh deaths due to the coronavirus. Nearly 1,095 fresh fatalities were recorded on Friday that took the nationwide death toll to over 1,00,800. According to data from states and Union Territories, the total number of positive cases in India is has surged to over 64 lakh out of which around 54.15 lakh people have recovered. The other two countries to cross the grim figure of 1 lakh COVID related deaths are the United States and Brazil. India is still far behind these countries in terms of fatalities, as they account for 2,07,808 and 1,44,680 deaths, respectively.

Average Death Of Over 1,000 In September

But India has recorded an average of 1,000 deaths per day in the month of September, leading the world in terms of daily deaths. According to data available, India has recorded the highest number of deaths in the world in the past two months. 63 per cent of total COVID-related fatalities happened during this period.

Over 33,255 COVID-19 fatalities were reported last month, at a daily average of around 1,100. Though the figure shows a grim situation, India is still far better than some of the world’s worst-hit countries in terms of deaths per lakh population and case fatality rates (CFRs).

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India has recorded 7.5 deaths per lakh population and is in the 18th position among the list of 20 worst-hit countries. Notably, the case fatality rate in Pakistan is just 2.1 deaths per lakh with the US having 2.8 and Brazil having 3. Other neighbours of India have better rates – Nepal (0.6), Bangladesh (1.4), and Sri Lanka (0.4). But it must be noted that India has the second highest coronavirus caseload in the world after the United States. Infection rates staggered over several months and the cases started to increase late in India. This has apparently kept mortalities in India relatively low so far.

India Number One In Term Of Recoveries

The other important point that needs to be highlighted is that we are in the number one position in terms of the recovered coronavirus cases, followed by Brazil and the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University. The University has been compiling COVID-19 data from all over the world.

According to the Union Health Ministry, a total of 53,52,078 people had recuperated from coronavirus infection till Sunday taking the national recovery rate to 83.70 per cent. There are around 9,42,217 active COVID-19 cases in the country which comprises 14.74% of the total caseload, the data stated.

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What Government Has To Say

The worrying aspect is that the number of deaths is still on the rise and that too at a faster rate than in Brazil and the US. The average daily growth rate of deaths in India is over twice than Brazil’s growth rate and around four times compared with the United States.

But the Ministry of Health says that the higher number of daily recoveries and persistently regressing the fatality rate are leading to a lower number of active cases on a daily basis.

According to the ministry, 25 states and union territories have reported a fall in the number of active cases during the last week.

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