India’s Tele MANAS Mental Health Helpline Crosses 200,000 Calls Mark, Breaking Barriers for Mental Healthcare

India's Tele MANAS Mental Health Helpline surpasses 200,000 calls, providing vital support across the nation
India's Tele MANAS Mental Health Helpline surpasses 200,000 calls, providing vital support across the nation

The National Tele Mental Health Programme celebrates a significant milestone, providing support to over 1,300 callers daily in 20 languages across 31 States and UTs

New Delhi, July 22, 2023 – The Indian government’s commitment to delivering accessible and quality mental healthcare to all citizens has reached a remarkable achievement with the Tele MANAS Mental Health Helpline. Launched in October 2022, the helpline has surpassed 200,000 calls from individuals seeking mental health assistance, marking a consistently progressive trend. This milestone reflects the nation’s increasing awareness of mental health needs and the willingness to seek support when facing challenges.

The Tele MANAS initiative, a part of the ‘District Mental Health Programme,’ operates 42 functional Tele MANAS cells in 31 States and UTs, offering services in 20 languages. Over 1,900 trained counselors are on hand to address common concerns like sadness, sleep disturbances, stress, and anxiety. Additionally, during the exam season, a noticeable increase in calls related to exam stress was observed, with counselors providing valuable support and self-help strategies to help students excel.

The Tele MANAS helpline has also ensured continuity of care with callbacks to approximately 7,000 callers, effectively closing the loop and fostering a comprehensive support system. Callers requiring specialized care are successfully connected to appropriate services, such as the District Mental Health Programme and nearby healthcare facilities.

Promoting Mental Health through Tele MANAS and Future Expansion Plans

The success of Tele MANAS can be attributed to its promotion across various media platforms, including print, radio, and social media. The initiative enables people to seek support while maintaining anonymity, combatting the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Looking ahead, Tele MANAS is set to integrate with e-Sanjeevani, further expanding its reach and impact. The program continues to work towards its ultimate goal of building a comprehensive digital mental health network that reaches every corner of India and supports the most vulnerable sections of society.

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