One Long-COVID Symptom That Only Appears At Night

Since COVID-19 was first reported in China there have been various mutations in the virus creating more new variants.

Check Out The Symptom Of Omicron That Might Creep At Night

COVID-19 Mutations and the Emergence of New Variants: A Two-Year Overview

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, in the last two years, we have seen several facts and data related to this deadly virus and its symptoms. Unlike other viruses, COVID-19 also has the feature of mutating to form new variants. Since COVID-19 was first reported in China there have been various mutations in the virus creating more new variants.

Omicron Variant Emerges as Highly Mutated Strain, Experts Warn of Prolonged Virus Infections in Recovered Patients

Well, with new variants come new symptoms. Currently, the fresh new variant of coronavirus is creating havoc in the world is the highly mutated Omicron. Meanwhile, it has been also warned by the experts that people who are recovering from coronavirus are not getting rid of the virus infection completely.

What Is Long-COVID?

Long COVID is a post-COVID-19 syndrome that affects people who were infected with SARs-CoV-2 but recovered. They continue to have symptoms that interfere with their daily lives, however. People who have long-term COVID symptoms are referred to as “long haulers of COVID-19,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

Recovery Time for COVID-19 Varies: 80% of Mild Cases Recover Within 2 Weeks, Serious Infections Take Longer

According to reports, approximately 80% of people with mild COVID infections recover within 2 weeks of first showing symptoms of the coronavirus. The remaining percentage of people who develop serious infections require at least three to six weeks, if not more, to recover.

There are many long-COVID symptoms, but what if we told you that there is one long-COVID symptom that only appears at night? Yes, you read that correctly: long-term COVID has a symptom that can only be felt at night. Are you wondering what it is? Continue reading.

Insomnia Identified as a Night-Time Long-COVID Symptom, Experts Say

Sleep problems, or insomnia, have been identified as a long-COVID symptom that only appears at night. A person with long-COVID may have difficulty falling asleep, waking up when he or she should be asleep, or waking up too early and being unable to fall back asleep, according to experts.

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