People Suffering From Diabetes Should Avoid Eating These Dry Fruits

For centuries, health experts have been advising people to eat dry fruits to seek the umpteen health benefits of nutrition they provide. However, it is surprising to know that not all dry fruits are beneficial for health and overall well-being; particularly for people who are suffering from high blood sugar levels or diabetes. Health experts say that people who are dealing with high blood glucose levels should refrain from eating certain dry fruits at all costs. People suffering from diabetes should be careful about their consumption of dried fruits as they contain concentrated sugar content that can cause unexpected spikes in blood glucose levels. Here are some dried fruits that should be avoided by people struggling with diabetes as they contain a high glycemic index.

Raisins are rich in natural sugars, particularly fructose, and can lead to a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. Raisins contain a high glycemic index, usually ranging from 64 to 100. Dates are loaded with natural sugars and consist of a greater glycemic index, resulting in a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. The glycemic index of dates is usually high, fluctuating from 46 to 75 or higher. Dried pineapples as well can be harmful for people suffering from diabetes. Just like dried mangoes, dried pineapples as well are a major source of added sugar that causes an unexpected increase in blood glucose levels and sugar content. Although the glycemic index of dried pineapple can differ, it inclines to be reasonably high.

Dried mangoes are rich in added sugars, that contribute to greater content of carbohydrates and possible blood glucose spikes. The glycemic index or GI of dried mango often diverges but is mostly modest to high. Sweetened Cranberries also contain natural or added sugars. Added sugars account for greater content of carbohydrates and cause possible adverse impacts on blood sugar levels. The glycemic index or GI of sweet cranberries can fluctuate but is mostly modest to high.

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