Specially-Crafted Chocolates That Can Help Women Relieve Menstrual Cramps

According to research, on average a woman experiences around 450 periods in a lifetime.

It is common for women to feel discomfort around the lower back, abdomen, and thighs during menstruation – a natural phenomenon for women during their reproductive years.

During menstruation, muscles of a female’s womb contract and relax to shed the lining of the uterus. Sometimes women experience cramps that are caused in the lower body as muscles are at work.

Sakhi Periods Chocolates

In order to provide some relief to women from cramps, just before or during the period, Deesha Chocolates has come up with specially crafted ‘Sakhi Periods Chocolates.’

According to the company, Sakhi Periods Chocolates have been launched to celebrate womanhood by comforting women and uplifting their mood during their menstrual cycles. These ‘ultra-nutritious and deliciously-smother chocolate bars’ help smoothen and relieve menstrual cramps and cravings, which also reduces mood swings to enable women sail easily through periods.

“These luscious and specially-crafted chocolates for periods can elevate a woman’s feel-good hormones, tone-down stress hormones, boost energy, and relax muscles thereby also reducing bloating and fatigue. It can naturally comfort a woman by enhancing their mood and relieving pain even in those painful cramps.

According to Deepak Toshniwal – MD, Deesha Chocolates – Sakhi Periods Chocolates contain a lot of vitamins and minerals along with Ayurvedic herbs that work wonders, apart from satisfying their sweet tooth during periods, in providing relief to all those women and girls who are under the distress of period cramps.

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According to research, on average a woman experiences around 450 periods in a lifetime. “Added up, this is roughly equal to almost 10 years of life. This is why we decided to make something of this sort,” he said.

“Deesha Sakhi Period Chocolates are made up of an abundance of carefully-selected ingredients like vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, D3), minerals (Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium), hormone-balancing Ayurvedic herbs, protein, sea salt and dozens of essentials nutrients (Omega 3, Omega 6) and more – all blended together into a rich, creamy and delectable 100% chemical-free chocolates. These luscious chocolates ease menstrual cramps, satisfy cravings, and reduce mood swings. After all, why can’t girls have fun during periods!” Toshniwal said.

When asked to share some details about Ayurvedic herbs present in the chocolate bars, Toshniwal –who has earlier worked in the pharmaceutical industry, said ‘they are secret ingredients.’

Toshniwal said that they follow the ideology of not using any chemicals and therefore these chocolates have been prepared with only natural resources available.

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These chocolates are available in 5 distinctive flavours – Caramel, Natural, Cranberry, Butter Scotch, Hazelnut, each for five menstrual days. According to the company they did a survey with different flavors on more than 100 women and found that the participants were satisfied with the flavours of chocolates and their effect.

Deesha Sakhi Periods Chocolates is a specially-crafted, ultra-nutritious, deliciously-smother chocolate bar that smoothen and relieve menstrual cramps and cravings.

“We carried out this exercise in 5 different states with 5 different flavours, so that we can have a better sense about what kinds of flavours are liked by women during periods. In beginning, we tried mango and strawberry which wasn’t liked by women during periods, and then we finally settled on these flavours based on our study,” Toshniwal said.

  1. Caramel – A flavourful layering of caramel turns Deesha Sakhi’s more dense, soft, creamy, and buttery – escorted by the right balance of sweetness.
  2. Plain – With no additional flavour you enjoy the classic, original, rich chocolate taste to elevate your mood and make yourself feel good.
  3. Cranberry – Packed with high-nutrients, antioxidants, and powerful phytochemicals not only Cranberry shoots up the health benefits – it whips out chocolate as more flavourful, fruity, and rich.
  4. Butter Scotch – This complex mix of rich cream, vanilla, a pinch of salt, browned butter – escorted by the right balance of sweetness, turn your chocolate eating experience increasingly amazing.
  5. Hazelnut – This strongly flavoured, nut-of-autumn is a rich dose of unsaturated fats and magnesium, calcium, and vitamins B and E while making

Moreover, the company also offers Sakhi’ Period Sugar-Free chocolates for women who are health conscious or having sugar-related problems.

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