Sister BK Shivani Empowers Expectant Parents to Nurture their Baby’s Personality during Pregnancy

The Impact of Stress and Lifestyle on the Creation of Precious Angels
The Impact of Stress and Lifestyle on the Creation of Precious Angels

Virtue Baby and Cloudnine Host Soulful Event Focused on Spiritual and Emotional Well-being for Expecting Parents

In a transformative event held in New Delhi, Sister BK Shivani, renowned teacher and spiritual guide, enlightened over 550 expecting parents on the profound connection between a mother’s thoughts, emotions, and the development of her unborn child. The event, organized by Virtue Baby in collaboration with Cloudnine, aimed to educate parents on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, emphasizing the importance of inculcating virtues and nurturing the baby within the womb.

Connecting with Something Greater: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey

Pregnancy is not only a physical experience but also a time of deep spiritual reflection and connection. Sister BK Shivani emphasized the power of positive thinking during this transformative journey, encouraging expecting parents to find comfort in prayer, meditation, and nature. The event provided essential insights into the inner life of the unborn child, offering practical techniques and meditations to help develop the baby’s personality.

The Parenting Mantra: ‘Just BE What You Want Your Child to Be’

Sister BK Shivani shared a straightforward parenting mantra: “Just BE what you want your child to be.” She emphasized that when expectant parents think positively and use high vibrational words, the emotional resilience of the child is boosted. It was advised that mothers release all negative emotions, avoid negative conversations, and consume positive spiritual content. The importance of adhering to a Satvik diet was also highlighted, as the mother’s food choices influence the emotional and physical development of the child.

The Impact of Stress and Lifestyle on the Creation of Precious Angels

Dr. R Kishore Kumar, Founder Chairman of Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, emphasized that pregnancy is a wellness, not an illness, and it is crucial to provide holistic support to pregnant women and their families. He stressed the significance of addressing stress and lifestyle factors that impact the development of children. The session highlighted the crucial role of parent-child interaction, which begins in the womb, and the need for expectant parents to refrain from gender preferences or doubts about their parenting abilities.

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