TaCa Center for Surgery Partners with MEPL to Support Healthcare Providers

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TaCa Center for Surgery partners with MEPL to support hospitals facing cash flow challenges

In a bid to provide much-needed support to healthcare providers in India, TaCa Center for Surgery has joined forces with Medicaid Ethos Pvt Ltd (MEPL). The partnership aims to assist healthcare providers who are grappling with cash flow issues due to prolonged credit terms with payers, offering a ray of hope for hospitals in need.

Under the partnership, TaCa Center for Surgery and MEPL have launched an innovative initiative focused on the upgradation of operating theaters and infrastructure. Through equipment leasing and funding options, hospitals can acquire state-of-the-art equipment and resources to enhance the quality of surgical care provided to their patients. This endeavor will enable hospitals, especially those in tier-II and higher cities, to overcome financial barriers and maintain better outcomes for their patients in elective secondary surgery care.

The partnership aims to upgrade surgical departments and improve patient care in India.

Dr. Tanushri Sidharth, CEO of TaCa Center for Surgery, expressed her concern about the challenges faced by hospitals in upgrading their surgical departments due to high costs. She emphasized that the collaboration with MEPL demonstrates TaCa’s commitment to supporting these hospitals and ensuring the provision of top-notch surgical care to patients.

MEPL, known for its expertise in healthcare financing, has been supporting numerous hospitals in southern India. With this partnership, MEPL’s founders, Wg cdr Ragashree D Nair and Dr. Shivaramakrishnan, are extending their support to hospitals across India.

The collaboration between TaCa Center for Surgery and MEPL is set to bring relief to healthcare providers struggling with cash flow issues. By providing financial solutions and managing debt and equity investments, the partnership aims to empower hospitals to improve their surgical facilities and deliver high-quality care to patients.

This partnership underscores the commitment of both organizations to enhance the healthcare landscape in India, ensuring that hospitals have the necessary resources to provide top-notch surgical care to patients.

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