Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh: Last 9 Years Turned India into a Cost-Effective Medical Destination

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh

Medico organizations can collaborate with the government for ensuring last mile delivery of healthcare, says Dr Jitendra Singh

In a recent address at the 42nd annual conference of the National Medicos Organisation (NMO) held at AIIMS Kalyani, West Bengal, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh highlighted the remarkable transformation of India into a cost-effective medical destination over the past nine years. He attributed this achievement to the pathbreaking healthcare reforms and enabling provisions introduced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi since 2014.

Dr Jitendra Singh, who is also a renowned Diabetologist and Professor, emphasized that India has emerged as a global vaccination hub, attracting patients not only from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh but also from European nations. He noted that these patients return satisfied as India offers world-class treatment at significantly lower costs compared to other countries.

India recognized as the vaccination hub of the world, attracting patients from across the globe

The minister emphasized the growing challenges posed by lifestyle diseases and the increasing elderly population in India. Addressing these issues requires collaborations between the government and organizations like NMO. Dr Jitendra Singh stressed that healthcare is not solely the responsibility of doctors but requires contributions from all sectors of society, considering the social, cultural, and personal factors influencing lifestyle diseases.

Highlighting the government’s focus on healthcare, Dr Jitendra Singh commended the introduction of Ayushman Bharat, the world’s first health insurance scheme of its kind, which has transformed healthcare delivery from a sectoral approach to a comprehensive, need-based service. He also highlighted the integration of traditional medicine and modern medical practices, with efforts to revive and preserve India’s traditional knowledge through initiatives such as the traditional knowledge digital library established by CSIR.

In conclusion, Dr Jitendra Singh emphasized the importance of collaboration between medico organizations and the government. He highlighted four areas of collaboration: supporting medical startups, collecting Indian health data, promoting integrated healthcare, and leveraging telemedicine for improved healthcare delivery.

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