WHO Launches New Framework to Combat Obesity Crisis


WHO Introduces New Framework to Tackle Obesity Epidemic Subtitle Health Service Delivery promotes universal access to obesity prevention and management services

In a crucial step towards combating the global obesity crisis, the World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled a Health Service Delivery Framework for the Prevention and Management of Obesity. This innovative framework, developed in collaboration with various departments and regional offices, is an essential component of the WHO Acceleration Plan to Stop Obesity.

The main goal of the framework is to ensure that individuals of all ages have expanded access to obesity prevention and management services throughout their lives. By integrating these services into existing health systems and communities, the framework emphasizes the principles of primary health care and follows a chronic care approach.

Recognizing obesity as a chronic disease, the WHO aims to shift the focus from intervention only when obesity-related comorbidities arise to comprehensive prevention and management strategies. This proactive approach will not only enhance the well-being of individuals living with obesity but also contribute to preventing new cases and progression of the condition.

Global Efforts Escalate: WHO Takes Action Against the Obesity Crisis

At the 75th World Health Assembly in 2022, Member States adopted new recommendations for obesity prevention and management and endorsed the WHO Acceleration Plan. This plan seeks to foster multisectoral action at the country level to address the growing burden of obesity worldwide.

As part of a broader package to strengthen health systems, the framework includes training programs for frontline health workers and primary care physicians. It is also closely connected with other interventions proposed in the WHO Acceleration Plan to Stop Obesity.

The WHO’s Health Service Delivery Framework for Obesity Prevention and Management is a vital step towards universal health coverage and a healthier future for all.

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