5 Ayurvedic Ingredients To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Naturally

Belly fat accumulation is simply the bad choices we make in our day to day life.

Losing weight has always been a tough task and things get even hard when it comes to belly fat. As we grow older, losing fat can become extremely challenging. Those who don’t follow a healthy food routine and are devoid of exercise have more chances of gaining fat around the belly.

Eating sweets, desserts, and fatty food can increase this fat. Desk job, vehicular transportation, package food, and no open space are often to blame. Belly fat accumulation is simply the bad choices we make in our day to day life. For example, most of us never think about our body before opting for a sugary soda when feeling thirst. There are so many people who prefer to order pre-packaged meals rather than preparing something fresh at home.

If you are among many such people out there, these ayurvedic ingredients can do wonder in your life by reducing those extra inches around your waistline. However, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to get the best benefits.

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Here are some of the ayurveda recommended ingredients that may help get the desired results:

These ingredients along with your fitness regime will definitely help you get the desire body shape.

  1. Fenugreek Or Methi Seeds

Fenugreek seeds, loaded with various nutrients, promote digestion and hence help in losing belly fat. It has a water soluble component called galactomanna that suppresses your craving and keep you satiated. It means these seeds will keep your full for a longer duration. Also, it increases metabolic activities of the body which is important for the proper digestion of food. What all you need to do is to roast some fenugreek seeds and make a fine powder by crushing it in a mortar and pestle. Take this powder with some water first thing in the morning. Alternatively, you can even soak some seeds overnight and have them empty stomach in the morning.

2. Guggul

This is one of the most ancient herbal remedies and has been a part of ayurveda for centuries. Guggul contains plant sterol known as guggulsterone. Guggulsterone is known for promoting weight loss. It is also known to naturally cholesterol lowering herb. You can have Guggul tea as this can be very effective.

3. Cinnamon Or Dalchini

Cinnamon, commonly referred to as dalchini in Indian households, not only adds a flavour and a dash of aroma but also helps improve metabolism. Improved metabolism This means that it can effectively help cut belly fat. Drink a cup of cinnamon tea first thing in the morning to see results.

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4. Triphala

This power powder consists of three dried fruit – amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. This ancient ingredient improves digestion and helps eliminate toxins. This powder or commonly known as churn is usually taken with hot water. It is recommended to take at least half an hour before breakfast and two hours after dinner.

5. Punarnava

This is one of the most popular and effective herbs for weight loss. Diuretic properties of Punarnava keep the kidney and urinary bladder functioning well.

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