What is the Impact of Consuming Alcohol on Your Skin?

Alcohol is inflammatory in nature and hence you might notice a little bit of redness or hot flashes after you drink alcohol.

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Alcohol can cause serious dehydration in your body.

By – Arthi Raguram, Skin and Hair Expert, Founder of Deyga Organics

A good skincare routine is not the only that will help you have healthy skin always. Your skin requires an internal boost as well from the foods you consume and the nutrients you provide to your skin. Hence it is essential to be careful about your diet if you wish to have glowing and radiant skin always.

We all are aware of the ill effects of alcohol consumption on our health. However, excessive and regular drinking can also have severe consequences on your skin as well. Although it is fine to have alcohol once in a while, consistent drinking can be detrimental to the health of your skin.

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Here are some of the side effects of drinking alcohol on your skin

Leads to dryness

Alcohol can cause serious dehydration in your body and when your body is deprived of the necessary hydration it requires, it feels dull and lifeless. And this effect is directly reflected on your skin. Your skin becomes extremely dry as the skin loses its natural fluid due to alcohol consumption. Excessive dryness can make your skin itchy and your lips will feel cracked and parched. Over time, it affects the skin by reducing its elasticity which is one of the major elements in keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Ages you faster

No amount of anti-ageing skincare products will come to your rescue if you are not cutting down on your alcohol consumption. Since alcohol makes your skin dry, signs of aging such as dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles appear more quickly on your skin than expected. Also, due to alcohol’s water-loss effect on the skin, your skin loses some vital nutrients from the body which are important in keeping your skin healthy. Additionally, it makes your cell turnover slow which is another reason for making your skin age faster.

It can cause redness

Alcohol is inflammatory in nature and hence you might notice a little bit of redness or hot flashes after you drink alcohol. People who already have the skin condition Rosacea must be all the more careful as it can worsen the situation even more and give your skin red flushes even more. Sometimes you can see red bumps on the skin due to the inflammation effect of alcohol on the skin.

Dark under eyes

Alcohol hinders your natural sleep flow and causes sleep problems. Since you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to end up with dark circles underneath your eyes. Besides, alcohol can make your eyes look sunken and puffy.

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Makes your skin sensitive

If you already have sensitive skin, it can get worse with alcohol consumption. Since alcohol can lead to inflammation it has the capacity to make your skin sensitive to sun exposure. So, ensure to use sunscreen and drink lots of water if you are stepping or else you can suffer from itchiness and redness.

It is time to reduce your alcohol consumption if you wish to retain your youthful glow and have healthy skin always.

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