Bridging Global Health: Highlights from BRICS Health Minister’s Meeting

South Africa's UHC Agenda Aligned with India's G20 Priorities, Emphasizes Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya
South Africa's UHC Agenda Aligned with India's G20 Priorities, Emphasizes Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya

BRICS Health Ministers Unite to Advance Global Healthcare Cooperation

India’s G20 Presidency Amplifies Global South’s Concerns, Says Union Health Minister

In a significant step towards enhancing global healthcare collaboration, the BRICS Health Ministers convened virtually for a pivotal meeting, focusing on addressing pressing health challenges and fostering mutual cooperation. The meeting witnessed India’s Union Health Minister, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, highlight the influential role of India’s G20 Presidency in amplifying the concerns of the Global South.

During the BRICS Health Minister’s Meeting, Dr. Mandaviya lauded South Africa’s commitment to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) under the theme “Bridging the Gap on Sustainable Health on the Road to UHC 2023.” He underscored the alignment between South Africa’s BRICS initiative and India’s G20 priorities, particularly emphasizing health emergency management, medical countermeasures, and innovative Digital Health solutions, which are poised to bolster Universal Health Coverage and augment healthcare services.

Expressing support for South Africa’s initiative in strengthening cooperation in Integrated Early Warning systems, Dr. Mandaviya emphasized its potential to enhance preparedness for future health crises. The collaborative approach is envisioned to develop effective interventions for controlling the cross-border transmission of infections while minimizing their socio-economic impact across BRICS nations, in harmony with the International Health Regulations (2005).

South Africa’s UHC Agenda Aligned with India’s G20 Priorities, Emphasizes Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya

Commending Russia’s proposal for BRICS Collaboration in Nuclear Medicine, the Union Health Minister advocated for the establishment of an International Expert Forum on Nuclear Medicine. This collaborative platform is anticipated to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and foster technological advancements among BRICS nations in the field of nuclear medicine.

Reiterating India’s steadfast commitment to the BRICS TB Research Network Initiative, Dr. Mandaviya acknowledged the initiative’s progress since its launch and expressed optimism about its crucial role in achieving the ambitious goal of eradicating tuberculosis by 2030.

Dr. Mandaviya concluded by urging fellow BRICS nations to promptly implement the outcomes of the meeting, while extending his gratitude to South Africa’s Ministry of Health for orchestrating the constructive engagement. He also extended best wishes to Russia as it prepares to assume the upcoming BRICS Presidency.

The BRICS Health Ministers’ meeting marked a pivotal juncture in fortifying global health cooperation, with India’s G20 Presidency playing a pivotal role in championing the concerns of the Global South and propelling collaborative efforts towards a healthier world

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